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Fine, Vivian (1913-2000)

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is composer Vivian Fine.


Six Superlative Sources

· Cody, Judith. 2001. Vivian Fine: A Bio-Bibliography. Greenwood Press, 344 pages. Biography, analysis, annotated bibliography, composition and performances compendiums, discography, Fine's use of poetry, appendices.

· Cody, Judith. 2001. Vivian Fine: Biography. G. Schirmer. Web essay about Vivian Fine's life and music.

· The Official Vivian Fine Homepage. Contents biography, discography, some MP3 audio files, CDs, and photographs of Vivian Fine.

· Riegger, Wallingford. 1958. "The Music of Vivian Fine." American Composers Alliance Bulletin, 8(1):2-4. Analysis of Vivian Fine's lifetime music methodology to date.

· Vivian Fine. American Music Center.

· Von Gunden, Heidi. 1999. The Music of Vivian Fine. Scarecrow Press, 187 pages. Biography, discography, catalog, bibliography.

Other Excellent Sources

· Albahari, Steven W. 1983. "Fine's San Francisco Festivity." Quadrille, 15(3):4-5. Fine's musical retrospective during Vivian Fine Week, as presented by the San Francisco Symphony, is detailed and studied.

· Cody, Judith. 2002. "Vivian Fine." Classical Composers Database.

· Copland, Aaron. 1933. "The Composer in America, 1923-1933." Modern Music, 10(2):87-92. Background study of that era's genre of "Modern Music" ("radical music") discussing Copland's selections for his own composer prodigies who include Vivian Fine.

· Engel, A. Lehman. 1933. "Vivian Fine--Henry Brant." Young Israel, New York, New York. Treatise on childhood development of notable composers.

· Fine, Vivian, and Judith Jamieson. 1981. "Program Notes: The Women in the Garden." Cambridge, New York, performance by L'Ensemble Chamber Music Center, August 29-30. Extensive program notes with the composer describing this opera in detail.

· Humphrey, Doris. 1958. "Music for an American Dance." American Composers Alliance Bulletin, 8(1):4-6. Choreographer Humphrey's impressions of Vivian Fine as an important composer for the modern dance.

· Saminsky, Lazare. February 1, 1941. "New Faces among Our Composers." Musical Courier. An article full of scholarly, vivid observations on the youthful Vivian Fine's "superb musical brains."

· Tick, Judith. 1997. Ruth Crawford Seeger: A Composer's Search for American Music. Oxford University Press, 457 pages. Relevant data on the early days of "Modern Music" and the lives of women in music of that era. Ruth Crawford Seeger was Vivian Fine's mentor; thus Fine is also mentioned.

· Vivian Fine. Other Minds. Biography, some compositions.

· White, Edward. April 1, 1974. "Manuscripts of Leading American Woman Composer Presented by the New York Public Library at Lincoln Center." The New York Public Library, Public Relations Office. Announcement that describes the major exhibition of Vivian Fine's memorabilia and famous scores for modern dance. The full orchestral score, "Alcestis," composed in 1960 for Martha Graham was included, as were photographs.

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   Fine, Vivian (1913-2000)

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