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Wilderness Preservation

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is wilderness preservation.


Six Superlative Sources

· Allin, Craig W. 1982. Politics of Wilderness Preservation. Greenwood Press.

· Hendee, John C., George H. Stankey, and Robert C. Lucas. 1990. Wilderness Management. Second edition, revised. North American Press.

· International Journal of Wilderness.

· McCool, Stephen F., et al. 2000. Wilderness Science in a Time of Change. 2 Vols. U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.

· Nash, Roderick. 1982. Wilderness and the American Mind. Third edition. Yale University Press.

· Wilderness Information Network.

Other Excellent Sources

· Agee, James K., and Darryll R. Johnson, editors. 1988. Ecosystem Management for Parks and Wilderness. University of Washington Press.

· Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute.

· Allin, Craig W. 1987. "Park Service v. Forest Service: Exploring the Differences in Wilderness Management." Policy Studies Review 7(2, Winter): 385-394.

· Allin, Craig W. 1997. "Wilderness Policy." In Western Public Lands and Environmental Politics. Charles Davis, editor. Westview Press.

· Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center.

· Baldwin, Donald N. 1972. The Quiet Revolution: The Grass Roots of Today's Wilderness Preservation Movement. Pruett Publishing.

· Bresnock, Anne E. Sustainable Earth Exchange: Link Information for Educators (SEELIFE).

· Brick, Philip D, and R. McGreggor Cawley. 1996. A Wolf in the Garden: The Land Rights Movement and the New Environmental Debate. Roman and Littlefield Publishers.

· Brockman, C. Frank, and Lawrence C. Merriam. 1979. Recreational Use of Wild Lands. McGraw-Hill.

· Catton, Theodore. 1997. Inhabited Wilderness: Indians, Eskimos, and National Parks in Alaska. University of New Mexico Press.

· Cawley, R. McGreggor. 1993. Federal Land, Western Anger: The Sage Brush Rebellion and Environmental Politics. University of Kansas Press.

· Chase, Alston. 1987. Playing God in Yellowstone: The Destruction of America's First National Park. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

· Chittenden, Hiram M. 1895. The Yellowstone National Park. Robert Clarke.

· Cole, David N., Margaret E. Peterson, and Robert C. Lucas. 1987. Managing Wilderness Recreation Use: Common Problems and Potential Solutions. General Technical Report INT-230. U.S. Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station.

· Doron, William D. 1986. Legislating for the Wilderness: RARE II and the California National Forests. Associated Faculty Press.

· Elbers, Joan S. Changing Wilderness Values, 1930-1990: An Annotated Bibliography. Greenwood Press.

· Foss, Phillip O. 1987. Federal Lands Policy. Greenwood Press.

· Fox, Stephen R. 1981. The American Conservation Movement: John Muir and His Legacy. University of Wisconsin Press.

· Freemuth, John C. 1991. Islands under Seige: National Parks and the Politics of External Threats. University of Kansas Press.

· Frome, Michael. 1985. Issues in Wilderness Management. Westview Press.

· Frome, Michael. 1997. Battle for the Wilderness, Revised edition. University of Utah Press.

· Gilligan, James P. 1954. "The Development of Policy and Administration of Forest Service Primitive and Wilderness Areas in the Western United States." Ph.D. Diss.: University of Michigan. University Microfilms.

· Gladden, James N. 1990. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area: Wilderness Values and Motorized Recreation. Iowa State University Press.

· Goodman, Doug, and Daniel McCool. 1999. Contested Landscape: The Politics of Wilderness in Utah and the West. University of Utah Press.

· Graf, William L. 1990. Wilderness Preservation and the Sagebrush Rebellions. Roman and Littlefield Publishers.

· Huth, Hans. 1990. Nature and the American: Three Centuries of Changing Attitudes. University of Nebraska Press.

· Irland, Lloyd C. 1979. Wilderness Economics and Policy. D.C. Heath.

· Ise, John. 1967. Our National Park Policy: A Critical History. Henry Jarrett and Vera W. Dodds, editors. The Johns Hopkins Press.

· Keiter, Robert B., and Mark S. Boyce. 1991. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: Redefining America's Wilderness Heritage. Yale University Press.

· Lime, David W. 1990. Managing America's Enduring Wilderness Resource. University of Minnesota Extension Service.

· Lucas, Robert C., compiler. 1986. Proceedings -- National Wilderness Research Conference: Current Research. General Technical Report INT-212. U.S. Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station.

· McNamee, Thomas. 1997. The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone. Henry Holt.

· Nelson, Robert H. 1995. Public Lands and Private Rights: The Failure of Scientific Management. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

· Payne, Claire, J.M. Bowker, and Patrick C. Reed, editors. 1992. The Economic Value of Wilderness: Proceedings of the Conference, Jackson, Wyoming, May 8-11, 1991. U.S. Forest Service, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station.

· Proescholdt, Kevin, Rip Rapson, and Miron L. Heinselman. 1995. Troubled Waters: The Fight for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. North Star Press of St. Cloud.

· Pyne, Stephen J. 1984. Introduction to Wildland Fire: Fire Management in the United States. Wiley.

· Reed, Patrick C., compiler. 1990. Preparing to Manage Wilderness in the 21st Century. General Technical Report SE-66. U.S. Forest Service, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station.

· Roth, Dennis M. 1988. The Wilderness Movement and the National Forests. Intaglio Press.

· Rothman, Hal. 1989. America's National Monuments: The Politics of Preservation. University of Kansas Press.

· Runte, Alfred. 1987. National Parks: The American Experience. University of Nebraska Press.

· Sellars, Richard West. 1997. Preserving Nature in the National Parks: A History. Yale University Press.

· Swain, Donald C. 1963. Federal Conservation Policy, 1921-1933. University of California Press.

· Wagner, Frederic H., et al. 1995. Wildlife Policies in the U.S. National Parks. Island Press.

· Western Canada Wilderness Committee.

· The Wilderness Society.

· Wilderness Watch.

· Willison, J.H. Martin, et al., editors. 1992. Science and the Management of Protected Areas. Elsevier Science Publishers.

· Wright, R. Gerald. 1992. Wildlife Research and Management in the National Parks. University of Illinois Press.

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