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Travel -- Easter Island

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is Easter Island vacations.


Six Superlative Sources

· Easter Island Foundation. This well-organized website provides an online guide, history, legends, photos, and publications, plus a discussion of tourism's impact.

· Easter Island Home Page. Beside the useful historical and cultural introductions, there's a sample of Rapa Nui music.

· Easter Island Travel Guide. The 39-page Easter Island chapter from Moon Handbooks South Pacific.

· Museo Antropológico P. Sebastián Englert. Easter Island's archaeological museum.

· Rapa Nui sur le Web. A French portal maintained by Jean Hervé Daude with numerous Easter Island links.

· The Rongorongo of Easter Island. Something different, this site presents the ancient culture of Easter Island, especially the mysterious rongorongo hieroglyphic script. There's even a Rapanui-English dictionary.

Other Excellent Sources

· Aku Aku Turismo. A local tour operator which arranges excursions and can put together packages.

· Bahn, Paul, Catherine Orliac, and Michel Orliac. Easter Island: Mystery of the Stone Giants. Harry N. Abrams, 1995. A factual, balanced account of the island's history.

· Chile Hotels. Photos and information on leading Easter Island hotels.

· Eight Men and a Duck. At the personal website of author Nick Thorpe, you can read about his humorous travel book Eight Men and a Duck: An Improbable Voyage by Reed Boat to Easter Island (Free Press, 2002).

· Hiking Guide To Easter Island. Travel writer David Stanley introduces the South Pacific's number one hiking destination.

· Hotel Gomero. A recommended medium-priced hotel offering personalized island tours.

· Hotel Iorana. Easter Island's top hotel.

· Hotel Vai Moana. A budget-priced motel on the north side of Hanga Roa.

· Kia Koe Tour. Another tour operator similar to Aku Aku Turismo.

· LanChile Airlines. The only airline flying to Easter Island, with service from Chile and Tahiti.

· Lee, Georgia. An Uncommon Guide to Easter Island: Exploring Archaeological Mysteries of Rapa Nui. International Resources, 1990. Though published in 1990, this is still the most authoritative island guide available.

· Map of Easter Island. A map of Easter Island with travel information and vacation planning tips.

· Mysterious Places: Easter Island. The story of Easter Island and its mysterious statues, a tour of the ruins, and the many controversies surrounding the island, all accompanied by outstanding photos.

· Rapa Nui Travel. One of the island's leading inbound tour operators outlines their services.

· Residencial Cabañas Vaianny. An inexpensive, family-operated guest house in Hanga Roa.

· TravelArt. A Santiago-based adventure tour company with regular trips to Easter Island.

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