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Hammond, John Hays, Jr. (1888-1965)

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is the inventor John Hammond.


Six Superlative Sources

· Living in the Past, Looking to the Future: The Biography of John Hays Hammond, Jr. John Dandola. Quincannon Publishing Group, 2004.

· "Hammond: Wizard of Patents." Mort Weisinger. Coronet Magazine, May 1949, pp. 67-72. Contains some errors in timelines and logistics.

· "Electronic Sorcerer." Richard H. Miller. True Magazine, November 1960, pp. 24-24. Contains some errors in timelines and logistics.

· Recipes from Hammond Castle. Nellie Nally Connors with Patricia M. Drury. Tory Corner Editions, 2004. The late Mrs. Connors was Hammond's cook for nearly twenty-five years. This cookbook features not only anecdotes about the inventor accompanying many of his favorite recipes, it has both an extensive prologue and epilogue which tells in detail about life with Hammond at his castle-home-laboratory-museum in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

· Echoes from the Castle Walls: The Fiction of John Hays Hammond, Jr. John Hays Hammond, Jr. Tory Corner Editions, 2004. Hammond was urged by his father's close friend, Rudyard Kipling, to keep up his writing skills, and this collection of short stories reveals much about the inventor and his inspirations.

· "The Inventor's Inventor." Samuel T. Williamson. Coronet Magazine, July 1961, pp. 168-171. Contains some errors in timelines and logistics.

Other Excellent Sources

· "The Man Who Stayed in Bed." George Daniels. Mechanics Illustrated; Part 1, July 1943, pp. 58-62, 152; Part 2, August 1943, pp. 58-60. Contains some errors in timelines and logistics.

· John Hays Hammond, Jr., and His Castle Museum.

· "Twentieth-Century Inventor." Harriet Webster. Essex Life Magazine, Autumn 1982, pp. 80-84. A solid article, but relies heavily on other articles previously cited.

· The Autobiography of John Hays Hammond. John Hays Hammond, Sr. 2 Volumes, Farrar and Rinehart, 1935; 1 volume, Arno Press, 1974. The childhood and teenage years of John, Jr., are mentioned throughout his father's autobiography, but all instances are unfortunately not recorded in the index under Junior's name.

· Hammond Castle Museum. The castle that Hammond built for himself on the Atlantic Coast in Gloucester, Massachusetts, is an impressive historical monument open on weekends to paid tours, although the biography of Hammond that is made available at the museum's web site is deficient in accurate content.

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