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Law -- Appealing Civil Cases

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is civil law.


Six Superlative Sources

· Atkins, Burton. 1993. "Alternative Models of Appeal Mobilization in Judicial Hierarchies." American Journal of Political Science 37: 780-798.

· Barclay, Scott. 1999. An Appealing Act: Why People Appeal in Civil Cases. Northwestern University Press.

· Dalton, Harlon L. 1985. "Taking the Right to Appeal (More or Less) Seriously." Yale Law Journal 95: 62-107.

· Rathjen, Gregory J. 1978. "Lawyers and the Appellate Choice: An Analysis of Factors Affecting the Decision to Appeal." American Politics Quarterly 6, No. 4: 387-405.

· Shapiro, Martin. 1980. "Appeal." Law and Society Review 14: 629-661.

· Songer, Donald R., and Reginald Sheehan. 1992. "Who Wins on Appeal: Upperdogs and Underdogs in the United States Courts of Appeals." American Journal of Political Science 36: 235-258.

Other Excellent Sources

· Kritzer, Herbert. 1991. Let's Make a Deal. University of Wisconsin Press.

· Posner, Richard A. 1985. The Federal Courts. Harvard University Press.

· Van Koppen, Peter J., and Marijke Malsch. 1991. "Defendants and One-Shotters Win after All: Compliance with Court Decisions in Civil Cases." Law and Society Review 25: 803-820.

· Wheeler, Stanton, Bliss Cartwright, Robert A. Kagan and Lawrence M. Friedman. 1987. "Do the "Haves" Come Out Ahead? Winning and Losing in State Supreme Courts, 1870-1970." Law and Society Review 21: 403-445.

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