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Law Office Design

The following sources are recommended by a professor emeritus whose research specialty is the interior design of law offices.


Six Superlative Sources

· Schultz, S., and Schultz, J. (2005) The Complete Guide to Designing Your Law Office. American Bar Association.

· Miller, M. (1989) Designing Your Law Office: A Guide to Space Planning, Renovation, and Relocation. American Bar Association.

· Marmot, A., and Eley, J. (2000) Office Space Planning: Designs for Tomorrow's Workplace. McGraw-Hill.

· Rappoport, J., Cushman, R., and Daroff, K., eds. (1991) Office Planning and Design Desk Reference. Wiley-Interscience.

· Henderson, J., and Mays, V. (2003) Office Design Sourcebook: Solutions for Dynamic Workspaces. Rockport Publishers.

· McGowan, M., and Kruse, K. (2003) Interior Graphic Standards. Wiley.

Other Excellent Sources

· Cohen, U., Gorman M., Robinson, W., Schnarsky, A., and Weisman, G. (2000) Improving the Law Office: Principles for Design. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

· Piotrowski, C. (1998) Designing Commercial Interiors. Wiley.

· Null, Roberta L. (1996) Universal Design: Creative Solutions for ADA Compliance. Professional Publications.

· Nadel, B. (2004) Building Security: Handbook for Architectural Planning and Design. McGraw-Hill.

· Ching, F., and Winkel, S. (2003) Building Codes Illustrated: A Guide to Understanding the International Building Code. American Institute of Architects.

· American Institute of Architects, and Demkin, J. (2002, updated annually) The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice. Wiley.

· Muto, S. "Law Firms Give Thought to Office-Design Issues." Wall Street Journal Online, July 8, 2003.

· Gensler: Portfolio of Professional Service Firms. Gensler architectural and design firm.

· Beyond the Corner Office: The Next Generation of Law Office Design. RTKL architectural and design firm.

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