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Art Therapy

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is art therapy.


Six Superlative Sources

· Allen, P. (1995). Art Is a Way of Knowing. Shambala Publications.

· Klorer, P.G. (2000). Expressive Therapy with Troubled Children. Jason Aronson.

· Koplewicz, H.S., and Goodman, R.F. (Eds.). (1999). Childhood Revealed: Art Expressing Pain, Discovery and Hope. Harry N. Abrams.

· Kramer, E. (1998). Childhood and Art Therapy: Notes on Theory and Application. Magnolia Street Publishers.

· Naumburg, M. (1973). An Introduction to Art Therapy: Studies of the "Free" Art Expression of Behavior Problem Children and Adolescents as a Means of Diagnosis and Therapy. Teachers College Press.

· Ulman, E., and Dachinger, P. (Eds.). (1996). Art Therapy in Theory and Practice. Magnolia Street Publishers.

Other Excellent Sources

-- ONLINE --

· The American Art Therapy Association.

· Art Therapy on the Web.

· Arts and Healing Network.

· The Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association.

· British Association of Art Therapists.

· The Canvas: National Art Therapy Newsletter.

· The National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations.

· Northern Ireland Group for Art as Therapy (NIGAT).


· American Journal of Art Therapy, (1961-2002), Vermont College.

· Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, (1983-present), American Art Therapy Association.

· Arts in Psychotherapy, (1980-present), preceded by Art Psychotherapy: An International Journal, (1973-1979), Pergamon Press.

-- BOOKS --

· Betensky, M. (1952). Self-Discovery through Self-Expression: Use of Art in Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents. Charles C. Thomas.

· Campbell, J., Liebman, M., Brooks, F., Jones, J., and Ward, C. (Eds.). (1999). Art Therapy, Race and Culture. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

· Cane, F. (1983). The Artist in Each of Us. Art Therapy Publications.

· Cohen, B.M., and Cox, C.T. (1990). Telling without Talking: Art as a Window into the World of Multiple Personality. W.W. Norton.

· Golomb, C. (1992). The Child's Creation of a Pictorial World. University of California Press.

· Gussak, D., and Virshup, E. (1997). Drawing Time: Art Therapy in Prisons and Other Correctional Settings. Magnolia Street Publishers.

· Junge, M. (1994). A History of Art Therapy in the United States. American Art Therapy Association.

· Kramer, E. (1977). Art Therapy in a Children's Community: A Study of the Function of Art Therapy in the Treatment Program of Wiltwyck School for Boys. Schocken Books.

· Kwiatkowska, H.Y. (1978). Family Therapy and Evaluation through Art. Charles C. Thomas.

· Landgarten, H., and Lubbers, D. (Eds.). (1991). Adult Art Psychotherapy: Issues and Applications. Brunner/Mazel.

· Levick, M. (1983). They Could Not Talk and So They Drew: Children's Styles of Coping and Thinking. Charles C. Thomas.

· Lowenfeld, V., and Brittain, W.L. (1987). Creative and Mental Growth. MacMillan.

· Naumburg, M. (1950). Schizophrenic Art: Its Meaning in Psychotherapy. Grune and Stratton.

· Naumburg, M. (1950). Psychoneurotic Art: Its Function in Psychotherapy. Grune and Stratton.

· Naumburg, M. (1966). Dymanically Oriented Art Therapy: Its Principles and Practice. Grune and Stratton.

· Rhyne, J. (1994). The Gestalt Art Experience: Patterns That Connect. Magnolia Street Publishers.

· Riley, S. (1999). Contemporary Art Therapy with Adolescents. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

· Robbins, A. (1994). A Multi-Modal Approach to Creative Art Therapy. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

· Rubin, J.A. (1984). Child Art Therapy: Understanding and Helping Children Grow through Art. Van Nostrand Reinhold.

· Rubin, J.A. (Ed.). (2001). Approaches to Art Therapy: Theory and Technique. Brunner-Routledge.

· Silver, R. (2001). Art as Language: Access to Thoughts and Feelings through Stimulus Drawings. Brunner-Routledge.

· Simon, R.M. (1997). Symbolic Images in Art as Therapy. Routledge.

· Waller, D. (1999). Group Integrative Art Therapy: Its Use in Training and Treatment. Routledge.

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