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Britain and Ireland -- History -- Celtic

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of Celtic Britain and Ireland.


Six Superlative Sources

· Charles-Edwards, T. 2000. Early Christian Ireland, Cambridge University Press.

· Cunliffe, B.W. 2004. Iron Age Communities in Britain, 4th ed. Routledge.

· Laing, L. 2006. The Archaeology of Celtic Britain and Ireland, c. AD 400-1200. Cambridge University Press.

· Ó Cróinín, D. (ed). 2005. A New History of Ireland, vol. 1, Prehistoric and Early Ireland. Oxford University Press.

· Raftery, B. 1984. La Tène in Ireland: Problems of Origin and Chronology. Veroffentlichung des Vorgeschichtlichen Seminars, Marburg.

· Raftery, B. 1994. Pagan Celtic Ireland. Thames and Hudson.

Other Excellent Sources

· Alcock, L. 2003. Kings and Warriors, Craftsmen and Priests in Northern Britain, AD 550-850. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

· Byrne, F. 1973. Irish Kings and High Kings. Batsford.

· Dark, K. 1994. Civitas to Kingdom: British Political Continuity, 300-800. Leicester University Press.

· Davies, W. 1982. Wales in the Early Middle Ages. Leicester University Press.

· Duncan, A.A.M. 1975. Scotland, the Making of a Kingdom. Barnes and Noble.

· Edwards, N. 1990. The Archaeology of Early Medieval Ireland. Batsford.

· Harbison, P. 1999. The Golden Age of Irish Art. Thames and Hudson.

· Harding, D.W. 2004. The Iron Age in Northern Britain: Celts and Romans, Natives and Invaders. Routledge.

· Henderson, I. 1967. The Picts. Thames and Hudson.

· Hughes, K., and Hamlin, A. 1997. The Modern Traveller to the Early Irish Church, rev.ed. Four Courts Press.

· Laing, L., and Laing, J. 1992. The Art of the Celts. Thames and Hudson.

· Megaw, R., and Megaw, J.V.S. 1989. Celtic Art from Its Beginnings to the Book of Kells. Thames and Hudson.

· Ó Cróinín, D. 1995. Early Medieval Ireland, 400-1200. Longman.

· Pearce, S. 2004. South-Western Britain in the Early Middle Ages. Continuum International.

· Snyder, C. 2003. The Britons. Blackwell.

· Thomas, C. 1971. The Early Christian Archaeology of North Britain. Oxford University Press.

· Youngs, S. (ed). 1989. The Work of Angels: Masterpieces of Celtic Metalwork, 6th to 9th Centuries AD. British Museum Press.

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