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Corporate Environmentalism

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is corporate environmentalism.


Six Superlative Sources

· Seema Arora and Tim Cason, 1996, "Why Do Firms Volunteer to Exceed Environmental Regulations? Understanding Participation in EPA's 33/50 Program," Land Economics, 72: 413-432.

· Kurt Fisher and Johan Schot (eds.), 1993, Environmental Strategies for Industry: International Perspectives on Research Needs and Policy Implications, Island Press.

· Aseem Prakash, 2000, Greening the Firm: The Politics of Corproate Environmentalism, Cambridge Univeristy Press.

· Robert B. Gibson, 1999, Voluntary Initiatives and the New Politics of Corporate Greening, Broadview Press.

· Stephan Schmidheiny, 1992, Changing Course: A Global Business Perspective on Development and the Environment, MIT Press.

· Andrew J. Hoffman, 1997, From Heresy to Dogma: An Institutional History of Corporate Environmentalism, New Lexington Press.

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