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Automobiles -- Electric

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is electric automobiles.


Six Superlative Sources

· Wolfgang Zuckerman, End of the Road (Chelsea Green, 1991 ). Appropriate background reading; somewhat dated, but most of Zuckertman's 33 solutions to gridlock. death by vehicle, and air pollution remain valid in 1999.

· John Berger, Charging Ahead (Holt, 1997). Covers renewable energy in general, but dedicates two chapters to EV's. He is especially useful on developments in other countries, such as Japan, Norway, and France.

· Joe Sherman, Charging Ahead (Oxford University Press, 1998). Focussed entirely on the newest and smallest of major EV manufacturers: the Soilectria Corporation of Massachusetts. Solectria cars can and do go from Boston to New York on one charge.

· Michael Schiffer, Taking Charge (Smithsonian Press, 1994). A history of EV's from their emergence in the 1890's to about 1993. This is a careful, reliable, aand mostly fascinating book.

· Noel Perrin, Life With An Electric Car (Sierra Club Books, 1994). A first-person account of buying and then commuting in an EV.

· Michael Shnayerson, The Car That Could, subtitled "The Inside Story of GM's Revolutionary Electric Vehicle" (Random House, 1996). It's the best-written book so far about EV's and hybrids. But one warning. It goes into more detail than people who like their stories simple will prefer.

Other Excellent Sources

· Jane Holtz Kay, Asphalt Nation, subtitled "How the Automobile Took Over America, and How We Can Take It Back" (University of California Press, 1998). This is not a book friendly to EV's, or to cars at all, but its criticism is intelligent and the style readable.

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