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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the relationship between humans and primates.


Six Superlative Sources

· Patterson, J.D., and Wallis, J., eds. (2005) Commensalism and Conflict: The Primate-Human Interface. American Society of Primatology Publications.

· Fuentes, A., and Wolfe, L.D., eds. (2002) Primates Face to Face: The Conservation Implications of Human and Nonhuman Primate Interconnections. Cambridge University Press.

· Wolfe, L.D., and Fuentes, A. (2006) "Ethnoprimatology: Contextualizing Human and Non-Human Primate Interactions." In C. Campbell, A. Fuentes, K.M. MacKinnon, M. Panger and S. Bearder, eds., Primates in Perspective, Oxford University Press.

· Cormier, L.A. (2003) Kinship with Monkeys: The Guaja Foragers of Eastern Amazonia. Columbia University Press.

· Wheatley, B.P. (1999) The Sacred Monkeys of Bali. Waveland Press.

· Wallis, J., and Lee, D.R. (1999) "Primate Conservation: The Prevention of Disease Transmission." International Journal of Primatology 20(6):803-25.

Other Excellent Sources

· Jones-Engel, L., Engel, G., Schillaci, M.A., Rompis, A.L.T., Putra, A., Suaryana, K., Fuentes, A., Beers, B., Hicks, H., White, R., and Allen, J. (2005) "Primate to Human Retroviral Transmission in Asia." Emerging Infectious Diseases 7(2):1028-35.

· O'Leary, H., and Fa, J.E. (1993) "Effects of Tourists on Barbary Macaques at Gibraltar." Folia Primatologia 61:77-91.

· Corby, R., and Theunissen, B., eds. (1995) Ape, Man, Apeman: Changing Views since 1600: Evaluative Proceedings of the Symposium Ape, Man, Apeman: Changing Views since 1600, Leiden the Netherlands, 28 June - 1 July, 1993. Department of Prehistory, Leiden University.

· Carter, A., and Carter, C. (1999) "Cultural Representations of Nonhuman Primates." In P. Dolhinow and A. Fuentes, eds., The Nonhuman Primates (pp. 270-76), Mayfield Publishing Company.

· Fa, J.E., and Southwick, C.H., eds. (1988) Ecology and Behavior of Food-Enhanced Primate Groups. Alan R. Liss.

· Loudon, J., Howell, M., and Fuentes, A. (2005) "The Importance of Integrative Anthropology: A Preliminary Investigation Employing Primatological and Cultural Anthropological Data Collection Methods in Assessing Human-Monkey Co-Existence in Bali, Indonesia." Ecological and Environmental Anthropology 1(2).

· Fuentes, A., and Gamerl, S. (2005) "Disproportionate Participation by Ages/Sex Class in Aggressive Interactions between Long-Tailed Macaques (Macaca fascicularis) and Human Tourists at Padangtegal Monkey Forest, Bali, Indonesia." American Journal of Primatology 66:197-204.

· Wheatley, B.P., and Harya Putra, D.K. (1994) "Biting the Hand That Feeds You: Monkeys and Tourists in Balinese Monkey Forests." Tropical Biodiversity 2(2):317-27.

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