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Case-Based Reasoning

The following sources are recommended by professors whose research specialty is case-based reasoning.


Six Superlative Sources

· Aamodt, A., and Plaza, E. 1994. "Case-Based Reasoning: Foundational Issues, Methodological Variations, and System Approaches." AICom: Artificial Intelligence Communications. Communications 7(1): 39-59.

· Wilke, W., and Bergmann, R. 1998. "Techniques and Knowledge Used for Adaptation during Case-Based Problem Solving." IEA/AIE 2: 497-506.

· Hammond, K.J. 1990. "Case-Based Planning: A Framework for Planning from Experience." Cognitive Science 14(3): 385-443.

· Blanzieri, E., and Portinale, L. 2000. Advances in Case-Based Reasoning: Proceedings of the Fifth European Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning (EWCBR-2K). Springer.

· Kolodner, J.L. 1993. Case-Based Reasoning. Morgan Kaufmann.

· Watson, I.D. 1996. "Case-Based Reasoning Tools: An Overview." Proceedings of the Second UK Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning, Progress in Case-Based Reasoning, pp. 71-88. Watson, I.D., ed. AI-CBR/SGES Publications.

Other Excellent Sources

· Schank, R. 1988. "Reminding and Memory." Proceedings of the DARPA Case-Based Reasoning Workshop. Kolodner, J.L., ed. Morgan Kaufmann.

· Rissland, E.L., and Daniels, J.J. 1996. "The Synergistic Application of CBR to IR." Artificial Intelligence Review (Special Issue on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Information Retrieval) 10(5-6): 441-75.

· Marling, C., Muñoz-Avila, H., Rissland, E.L., Sqalli, M., and Aha, D. 2002. "Case-Based Reasoning Integrations." AI Magazine 23(1): 69-86.

· Kolodner, J.L., and Simpson, R.L. 1989. "The MEDIATOR: Analysis of an Early Case-Based Problem Solver." Cognitive Science 13(4): 507-49.

· Goel, A.K., and Chandrasekaran, B. 1992. "Case-Based Design: A Task Analysis." Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Engineering Design, Vol. 2, Innovative Design, pp. 165-84. Tong, C., and Sriram, D., eds. Academic Press.

· Aha, D.W. 1991. "Case-Based Learning Algorithms." Proceedings of the DARPA Case-Based Reasoning Workshop, pp. 147-58. Bareiss, E.R., ed. Morgan Kaufmann.

· Case-Based Reasoning Resources. American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).

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