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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is agroterrorism.


Six Superlative Sources

· Davis, R.G. "Agroterrorism: Need for Awareness." Scanes, C.G., and Miranowski, J.A. (eds), Perspectives in World Food and Agriculture: 2004, pp. 353-416. Blackwell Publishing, 2004.

· Wilson, T., Logan-Henfrey, L., Weller, R., et al. "Agroterrorism, Biological Crimes, and Biological Warfare Targeting Animal Agriculture." Brown, C., and Bolin, C. (eds), Emerging Diseases of Animals, pp. 23-57. ASM Press, 2000.

· National Research Council. Countering Agricultural Bioterrorism. National Academies Press, 2002.

· Agroterrorism: Threats and Preparedness. U.S. Congressional Research Service, RL32521, 2004.

· Frazier, T.W., and Richardson, D.C. (eds). Food and Agricultural Security: Guarding against Natural Threats and Terrorist Attacks Affecting Health, National Food Supplies, and Agricultural Economics. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol. 894, 1999.

· Rogers, P., Whitby, S., and Dando, M. Biological "Warfare against Crops." Scientific American, 1999; 280:70-75.

Other Excellent Sources

· Whitby, S.M. Biological Warfare against Crops. Palgrave, 2002.

· Bioterrorism: A Threat to Agriculture and the Food Supply. U.S. Government Accountability Office, GAO-04-259T, 2003.

· Homeland Security: Much Is Being Done to Protect Agriculture from a Terrorist Attack, But Important Challenges Remain. U.S. Government Accountability Office, GAO-05-214, 2005.

· Terrorist Threats to Food: Guidance for Establishing and Strengthening Prevention and Response Systems. World Health Organization, 2002.

· EDEN Extension Disaster Education Network.

· Sobel, G., Khan, A., and Swerdlow, D. "Threat of a Biological Terrorist Attack on the U.S. Food Supply: The CDC Perspective." Lancet, 2002; 359:874-80.

· Schaad, N., Shaw, J., Vidaver, A., et al. Crop Biosecurity. American Phytopathological Society, 1999.

· Casagrande, R. "Biological Terrorism Targeted at Agriculture: The Threat to U.S. National Security." Nonproliferation Review, 2000; 7:3:92-105.

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