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Bipolar Disorder

The following sources are recommended by a doctor whose research specialty is bipolar disorder.


Six Superlative Sources

· Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation. For families with children who have bipolar disorder, or something like it.

· Expert Consensus Guidelines Series. A survey of expert opinion, assembled into a set of guidelines for treatment of mental health conditions.

· McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web. John McManamy. One man's single-handed effort to present relevant, up-to-date information about mood disorders; impressive for its scope, quality and readability.

· The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Perhaps the United States' most comprehensive support organization, whose website reflects that standing.

· Dr. Ivan's Depression Central. Dr. Ivan Goldberg's collection of resources. Not well indexed but a goldmine of well-selected information on a wide variety of mood disorders.

· Dr. Jim Phelps. Extensive mental health information on specific topics, from diagnosis to treatment, details on Bipolar II, "Brain Tours," where therapy beats med's, and more.

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