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Mississippi -- History -- Prehistory

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Mississippi archaeology.


Six Superlative Sources

· Jackson, H. Edwin. 1998. Little Spanish Fort: An Early Middle Woodland Enclosure in the Lower Yazoo Basin, Mississippi. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 23:199-220.

· Johnson, Jay K., and Samuel O. Brookes. 1989. Benton Points, Turkey Tails, and Cache Blades: Middle Archaic Exchange in the Southeast. Southeastern Archaeology 8:134-145.

· McGahey, Samuel O. 1996. Paleoindian and Early Archaic Data from Mississippi. In The Paleoindian and Early Archaic Southeast, edited by David G. Anderson and Kenneth E. Sassaman, pp. 354-384. University of Alabama Press.

· Mississippi Archaeology, semiannual journal, 1966-present.

· Peacock, Evan. 1997. Woodland Ceramic Affiliations and Settlement Pattern Change in the North Central Hills of Mississippi. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 22:237-261.

· Rafferty, Janet. 1994. Gradual or Step-Wise Change: The Development of Sedentary Settlement Patterns in Northeast Mississippi. American Antiquity 59:405-425.

Other Excellent Sources

· Atkinson, James R. 1990. An Engraved Expanded-Center Bar Gorget from Tishomingo County, Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 25(2):38-44.

· Baca, Keith A., and Evan Peacock. 1996. The Brogan Mound, A Middle Woodland Site in Clay County, Mississippi. In Mounds, Embankments, and Ceremonialism in the Midsouth, edited by R.C. Mainfort and R. Walling, Arkansas Archeological Survey Research Series 46:12-96.

· Blitz, John H. 1993. Locust Beads and Archaic Mounds. Mississippi Archaeology 28(1):20-43.

· Brandon, Jamie C., and Charles H. McNutt. 1995. The "Sardis" Cormorant Cord Impressed Vessel. Mississippi Archaeology 30(2):35-41.

· Brown, Calvin S. 1992. Archeology of Mississippi. University Press of Mississippi (reprint of 1926 edition).

· Connaway, John M. 1987. The Irby Beads. Mississippi Archaeology 22(1):32-45.

· Connaway, John M. 1988. Remnant Braided Stream Surfaces in the Northern Yazoo Basin: Preliminary Observations. Mississippi Archaeology 23(1):43-69.

· Connaway, John M., and Sam McGahey. 1996. Archaeological Reconnaissance: Survey of Remnant Braided Stream Surfaces in the Western Central Yazoo Basin, Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 31(2):23-50.

· Connaway, John M., and Douglas C. Sims. 1997. A Chronometric Database for Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 32:98-116.

· Ford, Janet. 1989. Time and Temper Meets Trend and Tradition. Mississippi Archaeology 24(1):1-16.

· Ford, Janet. 1996. Preliminary Impressions from the Batesville Mounds Group. Mississippi Archaeology 31(1):56-67.

· Galloway, Patricia. 1994. Prehistoric Population of Mississippi: A First Approximation. Mississippi Archaeology 29(2):44-71.

· Hogue, S. Homes, and William Erwin. 1993. A Preliminary Analysis of Diet Change Using Small Burial Samples from Three Sites in Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 28(1):1-19.

· Hogue, S. Homes, and Evan Peacock. 1995. Environmental and Osteological Analysis at the South Farm Site (22OK534), A Mississippian Farmstead in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. Southeastern Archaeology 14:31-45.

· Holland-Lilly, Mimi. 1996. Batesville Mounds: Recent Investigations at a Middle Woodland Site. Mississippi Archaeology 31(1):1-39.

· Indian Mounds of Mississippi: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary. U.S. National Park Service.

· Jackson, H. Edwin, and Susan L. Scott. 1992. The G.W.O. Site (22-Jo-568), An Early Archaic Site in Jones County, Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 27(2):56-75.

· Jackson, H. Edwin, and Susan L. Scott. 1995. Mississippian Homestead and Village Organization: Contrasts from Large-Mammal Remains from Two Sites in the Tombigbee Valley. In Mississippian Communities and Households, edited by J.D. Rogers and B.D. Smith, pp. 181-200. University of Alabama Press.

· Jenkins, Cliff. 1993. The Use of Vertebrate Fauna in the Subsistence System during the Transition from Late Woodland to Mature Mississippian: The Tibbee Creek Site (22-Lo-600), Lowndes County, Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 28(2):45-73.

· Jennings, Jesse D. 1941. Chickasaw and Earlier Indian Culture of Northeast Mississippi. Journal of Mississippi History 3:155-226.

· Keith, Scot. 1998. OCR Dating of Prehistoric Features at the Sandhill Site (22-Wa-676), Southeast Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 33:77-114.

· Lorenz, Karl G. 1996. Small-Scale Mississippian Community Organization in the Big Black River Valley of Mississippi. Southeastern Archaeology 15:145-171.

· McGahey, Samuel. 1992. Indian Artifacts of Tallahatta Quartzite from Tallahatta Creek Site 22-LD-645, East-Central Mississippi. Mississippi Geology 13:37-43.

· McMakin, Todd. 1996. Changes in Mobility Patterns in South Mississippi from the Late Archaic Period to Late Gulf Formational Stage: An Example from Forrest County, Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 31(2):51-63.

· Metcalf, Ashley. 1992. Materials Analysis of Sand-Tempered Pottery from Northeast Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 27(1):19-43.

· Mississippi Archaeological Association Online.

· Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

· Peacock, Evan. 1988. Benton Settlement Patterns in North-Central Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 23(1):12-33.

· Peacock, Evan. 1989. Microdebitage from Cached Pitted Stones. Mississippi Archaeology 24(2):17-27.

· Peacock, Evan. 1993. Reconstructing the Black Belt Environment Using Leaf Impressions in Daub. Southeastern Archaeology 12:148-154.

· Peacock, Evan. 1995. Test Excavations at an Upland Mississippian Site in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 30(2):1-20.

· Rafferty, Janet. 1987. The Ingomar Mounds Site: Internal Structure and Chronology. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 12:147-173.

· Rafferty, Janet. 1996. Continuity in Woodland and Mississippian Settlement Patterning in Northeast Mississippi. Southeastern Archaeology 15:230-243.

· Ross-Stallings, Nancy. 1989. Treponemal Syndrome at the Austin Site (22-Tu-549): A Preliminary Report. Mississippi Archaeology 24(2):1-16.

· Sims, Douglas C., Marie Elaine Danforth, Joseph A. Giliberti, Angele M. Montana, and Todd McMackin. 1992. An Analysis of Diet in the Mississippian Population at Kellogg Village, Mississippi, Using Dental Indicators. Mississippi Archaeology 27(1):44-59.

· Stallings, Richard. 1989. Factors in Interpreting the Prehistoric Use of the Citronelle Gravels in Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 24(1):35-58.

· Starr, Mary Evelyn. 1991. Powell Bayou: Part I. Mississippi Archaeology 26(1):1-38.

· Starr, Mary Evelyn. 1997. Powell Bayou (Part II) and Dockery: Two Mississippian Components in the Sunflower Basin of Mississippi. Mississippi Archaeology 32:79-97.

· Walling, Richard, Robert C. Mainfort, Jr., and James R. Atkinson. 1991. Radiocarbon Dates for the Bynum, Pharr, and Miller Sites, Northeast Mississippi. Southeastern Archaeology 10:54-62.

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