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Economics of Organization

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the economics of organization.


Six Superlative Sources

· Hayek, Friedrich A. (1945). "The Use of Knowledge in Society," American Economic Review 35(4): 519-530.

· Coase, Ronald H. (November 1937). "The Nature of the Firm," Economica (N.S.) 4: 386-405.

· Richardson, G.B. (1972). "The Organisation of Industry," Economic Journal 82: 883-896.

· Williamson, Oliver E. (1985). The Economic Institutions of Capitalism. The Free Press.

· Jensen, Michael C., and William H. Meckling. (Fall 1992). "Specific and General Knowledge, and Organizational Structure," in Lars Werin and Hans Wijkander, eds., Contract Economics. Basil Blackwell, pages 251-74, and in Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Fall 1995.

· Milgrom, Paul J., and John D. Roberts. (1992). Economics, Organization, and Management. Prentice Hall.

Other Excellent Sources

· Alchian, Armen A., and Harold Demsetz. (1972). "Production, Information Costs, and Economic Organization," American Economic Review 62(5): 772-795.

· Alchian, Armen A., and Susan Woodward. (March 1988). "The Firm Is Dead; Long Live the Firm: A Review of Oliver E. Williamson's The Economic Institutions of Capitalism," Journal of Economic Literature 26(1): 65-79.

· Arrow, Kenneth J. (1974). The Limits of Organization. Norton.

· Barzel, Yoram. (1982) "Measurement Costs and the Organization of Markets," Journal of Law and Economics 5: 27-48.

· Barzel, Yoram. (1987). "The Entrepreneur's Reward for Self-Policing," Economic Inquiry 25: 103-116.

· Bolton, Patrick, and Mathias Dewatripont. (1994). "The Firm as a Communication Network," Quarterly Journal of Economics 115, 809-839.

· Chandler, Alfred D., Jr. (1990). Scale and Scope: the Dynamics of Industrial Capitalism. The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.

· Chandler, Alfred D., Jr. (1992). "Organizational Capabilities and the Theory of the Firm," Journal of Economic Perspectives 6(3): 79-100.

· Cheung, Steven N.S. (April 1983). "The Contractual Nature of the Firm," Journal of Law and Economics 26: 122.

· Coase, Ronald H. (1988). "The Nature of the Firm: Origin, Meaning, Influence," Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 4(1): 3-47.

· Dahlman, Carl. (1979). "The Problem of Externality," Journal of Law and Economics 22: 141-162.

· Demsetz, Harold. (1995). The Economics of the Business Firm. Cambridge University Press.

· Fama, Eugene F., and Michael Jensen. (June 1983). "The Separation of Ownership and Control," Journal of Law and Economics 26(2): 301-27.

· Fama, Eugene F., and Michael Jensen. (June 1983). "Agency Problems and Residual Claims," Journal of Law and Economics 26(2): 327-50.

· Foss, Nicolai J. (1993). "Theories of the Firm: Contractual and Competence Perspectives," Journal of Evolutionary Economics 3: 127-144.

· Grossman, Sanford, and Oliver D. Hart. (1986). "The Costs and Benefits of Ownership: A Theory of Vertical Integration," Journal of Political Economy 94: 691-719.

· Hansmann, Henry. (1996). The Ownership of Enterprise. The Belknap Press.

· Hart, Oliver D. (1989). "An Economist's Perspective on the Theory of the Firm," Columbia Law Review 89(7): 1757-1774.

· Hart, Oliver D. (1995). Firms, Contracts, and Financial Structure. The Clarendon Press.

· Helper, Susan, John Paul MacDuffie, and Charles Sabel. (2000). "Pragmatic Collaborations: Advancing Knowledge While Controlling Opportunism," Industrial and Corporate Change 9(3): 443-488.

· Holmström, Bengt, and Jean Tirole. (1989). "The Theory of the Firm," in Richard Schmalensee and Robert D. Willig, eds., Handbook of Industrial Organization, Vol. 1. North-Holland.

· Jensen, Michael C., and William H. Meckling. (1976). "Theory of the Firm: Managerial Behavior, Agency Costs and Ownership Structure," Journal of Financial Economics 3: 305-360.

· Klein, Benjamin. (1988). "Vertical Integration as Organization Ownership," Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 4(1): 199-213 (Spring).

· Klein, Benjamin, Robert G. Crawford, and Armen Alchian. (1978). "Vertical Integration, Appropriable Rents, and the Competitive Contracting Process," Journal of Law and Economics 21(2): 297-326.

· Kogut, Bruce, and Udo Zander. (1992). "Knowledge of the Firm, Combinative Capabilities, and the Replication of Technology," Organization Science. 3: 383-397.

· Kreps, David M. (1990). "Corporate Culture and Economic Theory," in James Alt and Kenneth Shepsle, Perspectives on Positive Political Economy, Cambridge University Press.

· Langlois, Richard N. (1984). Internal Organization in a Dynamic Context: Some Theoretical Considerations, in M. Jussawalla and H. Ebenfield, eds., Communication and Information Economics: New Perspectives, North-Holland, pp. 23-49.

· Langlois, Richard N. (1986). Economics as a Process: Essays in the New Institutional Economics. Cambridge University Press.

· Langlois, Richard N., and Paul L. Robertson. (1995). Firms, Markets, and Economic Change: A Dynamic Theory of Business Institutions. Routledge.

· Langlois, Richard N., and Nicolai J. Foss. (1999). "Capabilities and Governance: the Rebirth of Production in the Theory of Economic Organization," Kyklos 52(2): 201-218.

· Leijonhufvud, Axel. (1986). "Capitalism and the Factory System," in R.N. Langlois, ed., Economic as a Process: Essays in the New Institutional Economics, Cambridge University Press.

· Loasby, Brian J. (1976). Choice, Complexity, and Ignorance. Cambridge University Press.

· Marschak, Jacob, and Roy Radner. (1972). The Economic Theory of Teams. Yale University Press.

· Milgrom, Paul J., and John D. Roberts. (1988). "Economic Theories of the Firm: Past, Present, and Future," Canadian Journal of Economics 21: 444-458.

· Minkler, Alanson P. (1993). "Knowledge and Internal Organization," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 21: 17-30.

· Monteverde, Kirk, and David J. Teece. (1982). "Supplier Switching Costs and Vertical Integration in the Automobile Industry," Bell Journal of Economics 13: 206-213.

· Moore, John. (1992). "The Firm as a Collection of Assets," European Economic Review 36: 493-507.

· Nelson, Richard R., and Sidney G. Winter. (1982). An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change. Harvard University Press.

· Penrose, Edith T. (1959). The Theory of the Growth of the Firm. Basil Blackwell.

· Radner, Roy. (1992). "Hierarchy: the Economics of Managing," Journal of Economic Literature 30: 1382-1415.

· Savage, Deborah A. (Winter 1994). "The Professions in Theory and History: the Case of Pharmacy," Business and Economic History 23(2).

· Silver, Morris. (1984). Enterprise and the Scope of the Firm. Martin Robertson.

· Stigler, George. (1951). "The Division of Labor Is Limited by the Extent of the Market," Journal of Political Economy 59(3): 185-193.

· Teece, David J. (1982). "Towards an Economic Theory of the Multiproduct Firm," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 3(1): 39-63.

· Teece, David J. (1986). "Profiting from Technological Innovation: Implications for Integration, Collaboration, Licensing, and Public Policy," Research Policy 15: 285-305.

· Teece, David J., and Gary Pisano. (1994). "The Dynamic Capabilities of Firms: an Introduction," Industrial and Corporate Change 3(3): 537-556.

· Teece, David J., Richard P. Rumelt, Giovanni Dosi, and Sidney G. Winter. (1994). "Understanding Corporate Coherence: Theory and Evidence," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 23: 1-30.

· Williamson, Oliver E. (1975). Markets and Hierarchies: Analysis and Antitrust Implications. The Free Press.

· Williamson, Oliver E. (1996). The Mechanisms of Governance. Oxford University Press.

· Winter, Sidney G. (1988). "On Coase, Competence, and the Corporation," Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 4(1): 163-180.

· Young, Allyn A. (December 1928). "Increasing Returns and Economic Progress," The Economic Journal 38: 527-542.

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