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Bly, Robert (1926- )

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is American poet Robert Bly.


Six Superlative Sources

· Davis, William V. Understanding Robert Bly. University of South Carolina Press, 1988.

· Nelson, Howard. Robert Bly: An Introduction to the Poetry. Columbia University Press, 1984.

· Peseroff, Joyce, ed. Robert Bly: When Sleepers Awake. University of Michigan Press, 1984.

· Roberson, William H. Robert Bly: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography. Scarecrow Press, 1986.

· Robert Bly Web Site. The poet's own web site.

· Smith, Thomas R. Walking Swiftly: Writings and Images on the Occasion of Robert Bly's 65th Birthday. Ally Press, 1992.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bly, Robert. Talking All Morning. University of Michigan Press, 1980.

· Bowie, John. "Black Flags: America, Vietnam and Robert Bly." Seneca Review, 8 (December 1977), 13-21.

· Cox, Debbie. The Robert Bly Page. Great Writers on the Internet. Montgomery College.

· Davis, William V. Critical Essays on Robert Bly. G.K. Hall, 1992.

· Davis, William V. Robert Bly: The Poet and His Critics. Camden House, 1994.

· Gioia, Dana. "The Successful Career of Robert Bly." The Hudson Review, 40 (Summer 1987), 207-223.

· Gitzen, Julian. "Floating on Solitude: The Poetry of Robert Bly." Modern Poetry Studies, 7 (Winter 1976), 231-241.

· Hansen, Tom. "Robert Bly's Iron John." The Literary Review, 35 (Spring 1992), 415-418.

· Harris, Victoria Frenkel. The Incorporative Consciousness of Robert Bly. Southern Illinois University Press, 1992.

· Harris, Victoria Frenkel. "'Walking Swiftly' with Freedom: Robert Bly's Prose Poems." American Poetry, 7 (Winter 1990), 13-30.

· Jones, Richard, and Kate Daniels, ed. Of Solitude and Silence: Writings on Robert Bly. Beacon Press, 1981.

· Kaplan, Steven. "Modern American Poets on Rilke's 'Things' and Robert Bly as a Translator of Rilke's Images and Objects." Translation Review, 38-39 (1992), 66-71.

· Kramer, Lawrence. "A Sensible Emptiness: Robert Bly and the Poetics of Immanence." Contemporary Literature, 24 (Winter 1983), 449-462.

· Lacey, Paul A. "The Live World." In his The Inner War: Forms and Themes in Recent American Poetry, pp. 32-56. Fortress Press, 1972.

· Lense, Edward. "The Assyrian Lion above the Soybean Fields: Bly's The Light around the Body as Prophecy against the Vietnam War." Journal of American Culture, 16 (Fall 1993), 89-95.

· Lensing, George S., and Ronald Moran. Four Poets and the Emotive Imagination: Robert Bly, James Wright, Louis Simpson, and William Stafford. Louisiana State University Press, 1976.

· Libby, Anthony. "Robert Bly Unknowing Knowing." In his Mythologies of Nothing: Mystical Death in American Poetry, 1940-70. University of Illinois Press, 1984.

· Mitchell, Roger. "Robert Bly and the Trouble with America." Ohio Review, 42 (1988), 86-92.

· Myers, George, Jr. "'Iron John': An Interview with Robert Bly." The Literary Review, 35 (Spring 1992), 408-414.

· Nelson, Cary. Robert Bly (1926- ). Modern American Poetry.

· Nelson, Howard. "Robert Bly's Thoreau Book." Ohio Review, 42 (1988), 93-106.

· Richman, Robert. "The Poetry of Robert Bly." New Criterion, 5 (December 1986), 37-46.

· Robert Bly. Academy of American Poets.

· Seelow, David. "Loud Men: The Poetic Visions of Robert Bly, Ice Cube, and Etheridge Knight." Journal of Men's Studies, 6 (Winter 1998), 149-168.

· Seyfarth, Susan. "Arnold Schwarzenegger and Iron John: Predator to Protector." Studies in Popular Culture, 15 (no. 1, 1992), 75-81.

· Sugg, Richard P. Robert Bly. G.K. Hall, 1986.

· Sugg, Richard P. "Story as Evolutionary Wisdom: Iron John." Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, 14 (August 1993), 309-312.

· Zipes, Jack. "Spreading Myths about Fairy Tales: A Critical Commentary on Robert Bly's Iron John." New German Critique, 55 (1992), 3-19.

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