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Dillard, Annie (1945- )

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the author Annie Dillard.


Six Superlative Sources

· Albin, Craig. "In Search of 'The Spirit's One Home': A Reading of Annie Dillard's 'Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.'" Journal of the American Studies Association of Texas 20 (October 1989): 71-78.

· Becker, John E. "Science and the Sacred: From Walden to Tinker Creek." Thought 62 (December 1987): 400-413.

· Goldman, Stan. "Sacrifices to the Hidden God: Annie Dillard's 'Pilgrim at Tinker Creek' and Leviticus." Soundings 74 (Spring/Summer 1991): 195-213.

· Johnson, Sandra Humble. The Space Between: Literary Epiphany in the Work of Annie Dillard. Kent State University Press, 1992.

· Lavery, David L. "Noticer: The Visionary Art of Annie Dillard." Massachusetts Review 21 (Summer 1980): 255-270.

· McConahay, Mary Davidson. "'Into the Bladelike Arms of God': The Quest for Meaning through Symbolic Language in Thoureau and Annie Dillard." Denver Quarterly 20.2 (Fall 1985): 103-116.

Other Excellent Sources

· Brown-Davidson, Terri. "'Choosing the Given with a Fierce and Pointed Will': Annie Dillard and Risk-Taking in Contemporary Literature." The Hollins Critic 30.2 (April 1993): 1-10.

· McIlroy, Gary. "'Pilgrim at Tinker Creek' and the Burden of Science." American Literature 59.1 (March 1987): 71-84.

· Smith, Linda L. Annie Dillard. Twayne, 1991.

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