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Aegean Prehistory

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the ancient history of the Aegean Region.


Six Superlative Sources

· J. Chadwick, The Mycenaean World (Cambridge University Press, 1976).

· O. Dickinson, The Aegean Bronze Age (Cambridge University Press, 1994).

· S. Hood, The Arts in Prehistoric Greece (Pengin Books, 1978, 1988).

· L. Morgan, The Miniature Wall Paintings of Thera: A Study in Aegean Culture and Iconography (Cambridge University Press, 1988).

· J.B. Rutter, Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean.

· E. Vermeule, Greece in the Bronze Age (University of Chicago Press, 1972).

Other Excellent Sources

· A. Vianello, Aegean Prehistory Web Resources.

· Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Museums, Monuments, and Archaeological Sites of Hellas.

· C.W. Blegen, Troy and the Trojans (Praeger, 1963).

· K. Branigan, Pre-Palatial: The Foundations of Palatial Crete: A Survey of Crete in the Early Bronze Age (Adolf M. Hakkert, 1988).

· C. Broodbank, An Island Archaeology of the Early Cyclades (Cambridge University Press, 2000).

· G. Cadogan, Palaces of Minoan Crete (Methuen, 1976, 1980).

· T. Cullen (ed.), Aegean Prehistory: A Review (Archaeological Institute of America, 2001).

· E.N. Davis, The Vapheio Cups and Aegean Gold and Silver Ware (Garland, 1977).

· J.L. Davis (ed.), Sandy Pylos (University of Texas Press, 1998).

· O.T.P.K. Dickinson, The Origins of Mycenaean Civilization. SIMA 49. (Paul Åströms Förlag, 1977).

· C. Doumas, Thera: Pompeii of the Ancient Aegean (Thames and Hudson, 1983).

· C. Doumas, The Wall-Paintings of Thera (Thera Foundation, 1992).

· R. Drews, The End of the Bronze Age: Changes in Warfare and the Catastrophe ca. 1200 B.C. (Princeton University Press, 1993).

· L. Foxhall and J.K. Davies (eds.), The Trojan War: Its Historicity and Context (Bristol Classical Press, 1984).

· P. Getz-Preziosi, Early Cycladic Art in North American Collections (University of Washington Press, 1987).

· Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

· S.A. Immerwahr, Aegean Painting in the Bronze Age (Pennsylvania State University Press, 1990).

· C.R. Long, The Ayia Triadha Sarcophagus: A Study of Late Minoan and Mycenaean Funerary Practices and Beliefs (P. Åström, S. Vägen 61, 1974).

· S.W. Manning, The Absolute Chronology of the Aegean Early Bronze Age: Archaeology, Readiocarbon, and History (Sheffield Academic Press, 1995).

· N. Marinatos, Art and Religion in Thera: Reconstructing a Bronze Age Society (D. and I. Mathioulakis, 1984).

· N. Marinatos, Minoan Religion: Ritual, Image, and Symbol (University of South Carolina Press, 1993).

· W.A. McDonald and C.G. Thomas, Progress into the Past: The Rediscovery of Mycenaean Civilization (Indiana University Press, 1990, 2nd edition).

· P.A. Mountjoy, Mycenaean Decorated Pottery: A Guide to Identification (P. Åström, 1986).

· J.W. Myers, E.E. Myers, and G. Cadogan, The Aerial Atlas of Ancient Crete (University of California Press, 1992).

· G.E. Mylonas, Mycenae and the Mycenaean Age (Princeton University Press, 1966).

· P. Rehak (ed.), The Role of the Ruler in the Prehistoric Aegean: Proceedings of a Panel Discussion Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, New Orleans, LA, 28 December 1992 (University of Texas at Austin, 1995).

· C. Renfrew, The Emergence of Civilization: The Cyclades and the Aegean in the Third Millennium B.C. (Methuen, 1972).

· C. Renfrew, The Archaeology of Cult: The Sanctuary at Phylakopi (British School of Archaeology at Athens, 1985).

· J. Thimme (ed.), Art and Culture of the Cyclades in the Third Millennium B.C. (University of Chicago Press, 1977).

· T.H. van Andel and C. Runnels, Beyond the Acropolis: A Rural Greek Past (Stanford University Press, 1987).

· E. Vermeule and V. Karageorghis, Mycenaean Pictorial Vase Painting (Harvard University Press, 1981).

· A. Vianello, Aegean Prehistory Web Resources.

· P. Warren, The Aegean Civilizations (Elsevier-Phaidon, 1975; Peter Bedrick Books, 1989).

· M. Wood, In Search of the Trojan War (University of California Press, 1998; various earlier editions).

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