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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the accordion.


Six Superlative Sources

· Astrid in 't Veld, RIM Repertoire Lists, Vol. 8, Accordion, Repertoire Informatiecentrum Muziek, Utrecht, 1990, 235 pp. ISN 16012 EGD 81148 (extended list of original compositions for accordion: solo, chamber music, accordion with symphony orchestra, concerti, addresses of the publishers).

· Flynn, Ronald, Davison, Edwin, Chavez, Edward, The Golden Age of the Accordion, Flynn Associates Publishing Company, 1984, 371 pp., Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 90-80349, ISBN 0-9625899-0-X (history of accordion in USA, many interviews and biographic studies).

· Galla-Rini, Anthony, A Collection of Lectures for Accordionists, Music Graphics Press, 1981, 156 pp. (methods of teaching, accordion techniques -- articulation, bellowing, dynamics, methods of concert performances, etc.).

· Hahn, Ove, Anthony Gala-Rini on His Life and Accordion, CEWE-Förlaget, 1986, 99 pp. ISBN 91-7542-152-6 (biographic study).

· Macerollo, Joseph, Accordion Resource Manual, The Avondale Press, Toronto, Canada, 1980, 141 pp. (short history of accordion, compositional material, repertoire, bibliography, selected discography, key to publisher code, key to record code, free bass accordion artists on record).

· Puchnowski, Wlodzimierz Lech, Forty Years Presence Professional Education in Concert Accordion in Poland 1959-1999, Publications of the Fr. Chopin Academy of Music, Warszawa, Poland, 1999, 52 pp. ISBN 83-87759-28-7 (teaching activity, art, research work, conclusion).

Other Excellent Sources

· Ahvenainen Veikko, Harmonikan Käsikirja, Edition Fazer, Helsinki, Finland, 1980, 87 pp. ISBN 951-757-091-0 (history of accordion in Finland, methods of teaching).

· Bassurmanow Arkadi, Bajanisten, Intermusik Schmülling, Kamen, Germany, 2000, 420 pp. ISBN 3-925572-04-X (sources bibliography, discography, translation of the title: LEXICON OF THE RUSSIAN ACCORDIONISTS). Published in original version, Sprawotschnik Byanista, Sowietskij Kompositor, Moskwa, Russia, 1987, 420 pp. BBK 85.315.3.b.27.

· Dunkel Maria, Bandonion und Konzertina, Musikverlag Emil Katzbichler, München-Salzburg, Germany, 1987, 176 pp. ISBN 3-87397-070-8 (history of instruments, production, literature, rich bibliogrphy, translation of the title: BANDONEON AND CONCERTINA).

· Eickhoff, Thomas, Kultur-Geschichte der Harmonika, Intermusik Schmülling, Kamen, Germany, 1991, 258 pp. ISBN 3-925572-05-8 (history of accordion, mostly in German, but very rich bibliography, translation of the title: CULTURE: THE HISTORY OF THE HARMONICA).

· Eschenbacher Wolfgang, Musik und Musikerziehung mi Akkordeon, Hohner Verlag, Trossingen, Germany, 1994, B/I 187 pp., Bestellnr.00.075.201, B/II 229 pp., Bestellnr.00.075.202, ISBN 3-920468-41-4 (history of accordion in Germany 1930-1990, concert activity, composition, production of instruments, leaders, rich bibliography, translation of the title: MUSIC AND MUSIC EDUCATION BY THE MEANS OF THE ACCORDION).

· Frati Zeilo, Bugiolacchi Beniamino, Moroni Marco, Castelfidardo e la storia della fisarmonica, Teconprint S.R.L., Ancona, Italy, 1986, 179 pp. (Castelfidardo and its administration, accordion and its aspects, interantional museum of accordion, industry, translation of the title: CASTELFIDARDO AND THE HISTORY OF THE ACCORDION).

· Gervasoni, Pierre, L'Accordeon Instrument Du XX Siècle, Editions Mazo,Paris, France, 1986, 287 pp. ISBN 2-9501507-0-5 (construction of the concert accordion, accordion as the instrument of the modern music, annexes, translation of the title: THE ACCORDION OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY).

· Hartwig Heinz, Hundert Jahre Hohner, Stähle and Friedel, Stuttgart, Germany, 1957, 109 pp. (history of accordion in Germany, translation of the title: ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF HOHNER).

· Kjellström Birgit, Dragspel, B.Kjellström och Sohlmans Förlag, Sweden, 1976, 171 pp. ISBN 91-7198-010-5 (history of accordion in Scandinavia, translation of the title: ACCORDION).

· Lips Friedrich, Die Kunst des Bajanspiels, Intermusik Schmülling, Kamen, Germany, 1991, 268 pp. ISBN 3-925572-03-1 (methods of teaching, pedagogy, didactic, sources -- very rich bibliography, translation of the title: THE ART OF BAYAN PLAY).

· Mirek Alfred, Garmonika, Proshloje i Nastajshtshyje, Interfks, Moskwa, Russia, 1994, 533 pp. ISBN 5-85235-091-5 (encyclopedia: history of accordion, producers, who's who in accordion, accordion associations, sources -- bibliography, discography, literature, books, manuals, translation of the title: HARMONICA, THE PAST AND THE FUTURE).

· Monichon Pierre, Petitte Histoire de L'Accordeon, E.G.F.P., Paris, France, 1958, 158 pp. (history of the free reed, accordion, producers, accordion manuals from the beginning of the 19th century).

· Nahlbom Stig, Walter Andrew, Stora Dragspels Boken, Lindqvist Förlag, Stockholm, Sweden, 1976, 127 pp. ISBN HFT 91-7090-283-6/ ISBN INB 91-7090-288-7 (history of accordion in Sweden with some links to other countries, translation of the title: THE HISTORY BOOK OF THE ACCORDION).

· Puchnowski Wlodzimierz Lech, Tongestaltung und Balgführung auf dem Akkordeon, Verlag "Der Volksmusiklehrer," Kleine Fachbücherei des Harmonikalehrers Heft 3, Trossingen, Germany, 1966, 52 pp. (sound forming, articulation, bellowing, phrasing, dynamics, etc., translation of the title: SOUND FORMING AND BELLOWING ON THE ACCORDION).

· Puchnowski Wlodzimierz Lech, Katalog Pisemnych Prac dyplomowych Katedry w latach 1967-1996, Zeszyty Naukowe, Akademia Muzyczna im. Fr. Chopina, Warszawa, Poland, 1996, 128 pp. (230 titles of Master theses of concert accordion graduates with short resume and bibliography : history of accordion in Poland, teaching methods, analisis of concert accordion possibilities, history of accordion production in Poland, composers, music literature, translation of the title: CATALOGUE OF THE MASTER THESES OF CONCERT ACCORDION GRADUATES OF THE FR. CHOPIN ACADEMY OF MUSIC).

· Puchnowski Wlodzimierz Lech, Kuwaczka Adriana, Ogólnopolskie i Mildzynarodowe Konkursy Akordeonowe w latach 1955-1994, Zeszyty Naukowe, Akademia Muzyczna im. Fr. Chopina, Warszawa, Poland, 1994, 150 pp. (genesis of the accordion competitions, rules and regulations, conditions, members of the jury, candidates and teachers, prize winners, repertoire, translation of the title: NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ACCORDION COMPETITIONS, 1955-1994).

· Richter Gotthard, Akustische Probleme bei Akkordeons und Mundharmonikas, Intermusik Schmülling, Kamen, Germany, 1999, First part, 127 pp. ISBN 3-925572-00-7, Second part, 178 pp. ISBN 3-925573-03-5 (photos, graphics, diagrams, translation of the title: THE ACOUSTIC PROBLEMS OF ACCORDIONS AND MOUTH ORGANS).

· Vilar Jan, Akordeon a Jeho Hudebni Uplatnlni, Panton, Praha, Czechoslovakia, 1981, 126 pp. ISBN 09-22-35001-81 (history of accordion in Czechoslovakia).

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