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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is grasshoppers.


Six Superlative Sources

· Chapman, R.F. and A. Joern (eds.). 1990. Biology of grasshoppers. John Wiley and Sons, 563 pp.

· Gangwere, S.K, M.C. Muralirangan, and M. Muralirangan (eds.). The bionomics of grasshoppers, kaytdids and their kin. CAB International, United Kingdom. 529 pp.

· Otte, D. 1981. The North American Grasshoppers. Vol. 1, Acrididae: Gomphocerinae and Acridinae. Harvard University Press, 275 pp.

· Otte, D. 1984. The North American Grasshoppers. Vol. 2, Acrididae: Oedipodinae. Harvard University Press, 366 pp.

· Lomer, C.J. and C. Prior (ed.). 1992. Biological control of locusts and grasshoppers. CAB International, 394 pp.

· Pfadt, R. 1994. Field guide to common western grasshoppers. Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 912.

Other Excellent Sources

· Ball, E.D., E.R. Tinkham, R. Flock, and C.T. Vorhies. 1942. The grasshoppers and other Orthoptera of Arizona. University of Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station Technical Bulletin 93: 257- 373.

· Blatchley, W.S. 1920. Orthoptera of north-eastern North America. Nature Publishing.

· Capinera, J.L. (ed.). 1987. Integrated pest management on rangeland. A shortgrass prairie perspective. Westview Press, 426 pp.

· Capinera, J.L. and T.S. Sechrist. 1982. Grasshoppers (Acrididae) of Colorado. Identification, biology and management. Colorado State University Experiment Station Bulletin 584S. 161 pp.

· Capinera, J.L., C.W. Scherer, and J.M. Squitier. 2001. Grasshoppers of Florida. University Press of Florida. 143 pp.

· Dakin, M.E., Jr., and K.L. Hays. 1970. A synopsis of Orthoptera (sensu lato) of Alabama. Auburn University Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 404. 118 pp.

· Gangwere, S.K. 1961. A monograph on food selection in Orthoptera. Transactions of the American Entomological Society 87: 67: 67-230.

· Goettel, M.S. and D.L. Johnson (ed.). 1997. Microbial control of grasshoppers and locusts. Memoirs of the Entomological Society of Canada 171: 1-400.

· Hanford, R.H. 1946. Identification of nymphs of the genus Melanoplus of Manitoba and adjacent areas. Scientific Agriculture 26: 147-180.

· Helfer, J.R. 1972. The grasshoppers, cockroaches, and their allies. W.C. Brown, 359 pp.

· McDaniel, B. 1987. Grasshoppers of South Dakota. South Dakota State University Agricultural Experiment Station TB 89. 163 pp.

· Mulkern, G.B., K.P.Pruess, H. Knutson, H.F. Hagen, J.B. Campbell, and J.D. Lambley. 1969. Food habits and preferences of grassland grasshopper species of the north central Great Plains. North Dakota State University Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 481. 31 pp.

· Otte, D. 1995. Orthoptera species file, Vol. 1-5. Orthopterists Society.

· Rees, N.E. 1973. Arthropod and nematode parasites, parasitoids, and predators of Acrididae in America north of Mexico. United States Department of Agriculture Technical Bulletin 1460. 288 pp.

· Rehn, J.A.G. and H.J. Grant. 1961. A monograph of the Orthoptera of North America (north of Mexico). Vol.1. Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Mono. 12. 255 pp.

· Richman, D.G., D.C. Lightfoot, C.A. Sutherland, and D.J. Ferguson. 1993. A manual of the grasshoppers of New Mexico. Orthoptera: Acrididae and Romaleidae. New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service Handbook #7. 112 pp.

· Strohecker, H.F., W.W. Middlekauff, and D.C. Rentz. 1968. The grasshoppers of California. California Insect Survey Bulletin 10. 177 pp.

· Uvarov, B. 1966. Grasshoppers and locusts. A handbook of general acridology. Vol. 1, United Kingdom. 481 pp.

· Uvarov, B. 1977. Grasshoppers and locusts. A handbook of general acridology. Vol. 2, United Kingdom. 613 pp.

· Vikery, V.R. and D.K. McE. Kevan. 1985. The grasshoppers, crickets, and related insects of Canada and adjacent regions. The Insects and Arachnids of Canada, Part 14. Acriculture Canada. 918 pp.

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