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Process Theology

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is process theology.


Six Superlative Sources

· Cobb, John B., Jr., and Griffin, David R. Process Theology: An Introductory Exposition. (Westminster Press, 1976).

· Cobb, John B., Jr. A Christian Natural Theology: Based on the Thought of Alfred North Whitehead. (Westminster Press, 1965).

· Hartshorne, Charles. The Divine Relativity. (Yale University Press, 1948; reprint, 1983).

· Suchocki, Marjorie Hewitt. God, Christ, Church: A Practical Guide to Process Theology. (Crossroad, 1989).

· Whitehead, Alfred North. Process and Reality: An Essay in Cosmology. D.R. Griffin and D.W. Sherburne, eds. (The Free Press, 1978). Corrected edition of 1929 original.

· Whitehead, Alfred North. Religion in the Making. (Meridian Books, 1926).

Other Excellent Sources

· Australasian Association for Process Thought.

· Birch, Charles, and Cobb, John B., Jr. The Liberation of Life: From the Cell to the Community. (Cambridge University Press, 1981).

· Center for Process Studies.

· Cobb, John B., Jr. God and the World. (Westminster Press, 1969).

· Cousins, Ewert H. Process Theology: Basic Writings by Key Thinkers of a Major Modern Movement. (Newman Press, 1971).

· Hartshorne, Charles. A Natural Theology for Our Time. (Open Court, 1967).

· Process Thought: Proceedings of the Japan Society for Process Studies.

· McDaniel, Jay B. Of God and Pelicans: A Theology of Reverence for Life. (Westminster Press, 1989).

· McFague, Sallie. Models of God: Theology for an Ecological, Nuclear Age. (Fortress Press, 1987).

· Mesle, C. Robert. Process Theology: A Basic Introduction. (Chalice Press, 1993). With a concluding chapter by John B. Cobb, Jr.

· Ogden, Schubert Miles. The Reality of God and Other Essays. (Harper and Row, 1966; reprinted by Southern Methodist University Press, 1992).

· Process and Faith.

· Religion Online. The full text of many books by John Cobb are available at this site.

· Wieman, Henry Nelson. The Source of Human Good. (Southern Illinois Press, 1946; reprinted by Oxford University Press, 1995).

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