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Mineral Deposits -- Origin of

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is mineral deposits.


Six Superlative Sources

· Atkinson, W.W., Jr.; Souviron, Alvaro; Vehrs, T.I.; and Faunes, Alejandro; 1996,Geology and mineral zoning of the Los Pelambres porphyry copper deposit, Chile, in Camus, Francisco; Sillitoe, R.M.; and Petersen, eds.; Andean Copper Deposits: New Discoveries, Mineralization, Styles and Metallogeny, Society of Economic Geologists Special Publication Number 5, p. 131-155.

· Carten, R.B.; Geraghty, E.P.; Walker, B.M.; and Shannon, J.R.; 1988, Cyclic development of igneous features and their relationship to high-temperature hydrothermal features in the Henderson porphyry molybdenum deposit, Colorado: Economic Geology, v. 83, p. 266-296.

· Dilles, J.H., and Einaudi, M.T., 1992, Wall-rock alteration and hydrothermal flow paths about the Ann-Mason porphyry copper deposit, Nevada: a 6-km vertical reconstruction: Economic Geology, v. 87, p. 1750-1789.

· Goldfarb, R.J.; Newberry, R.J.; Pickthorn, W.J.; and Gent, C.A.; 1991, Oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur isotope studies in the Juneau Gold Belt, southeastern Alaska: constraints on the origin of hydrothermal fluids: Economic Geology, v. 86, p. 66-80.

· Heald, Pamela; Foley, N.K.; and Hayba, D.O.; 1987, Comparative anatomy of volcanic-hosted epithermal deposits: acid-sulfate and adularia sericite types: Economic Geology, v. 82, p. 1-26.

· Rye, R.O., 1993, The evolution of magmatic fluids in the epithermal environment: the stable isotope perspective: Economic Geology, v. 88, p. 733-752.

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