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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Jesus Christ.


Six Superlative Sources

· R.E. Brown, An Introduction to New Testament Christology (Paulist Press, 1994).

· G. O'Collins, Christology: A Biblical, Historical, and Systematic Study of Jesus (Oxford University Press, 1995).

· R. Bauckham, God Crucified: Monotheism and Christology in the New Testament (Grand Rapids: W.B. Eerdmans, 1999).

· R.A. Kereszty, Jesus Christ: Fundamentals in Christology (Alba House, 1991).

· J. McIntyre, The Shape of Christology: Studies in the Doctrine of the Person of Christ (T and T Clark, 1998).

· T. Weinandy, Does God Suffer? (T and T Clark, 2000).

Other Excellent Sources

· R. Cessario, The Godly Image: Christ and Salvation in Catholic Thought from Anselm to Aquinas (St. Bede's Publications, 1990).

· J. Galot, Who is Christ? A Theology of the Incarnation (Franciscan Herald Press, 1983).

· A. Grillmeier, Christ in Christian Tradition, Vols. 1-2 (Mawbrays, 1975-1996).

· M. Hooker, Not Ashamed of the Gospel: New Testament Interpretations of the Death of Christ (Paternoster Press, 1994).

· W. Kasper, Jesus the Christ (Burns and Oates, 1975).

· J.N.D. Kelly, Early Christian Doctrines (Adam and Charles Black, 1968).

· I.H. Marshall, Jesus the Saviour (InterVarsity Press, 1990).

· T. Weinandy, Does God Change? The Word's Becoming in the Incarnation (St. Bede's Publications, 1985).

· T. Weinandy, In the Likeness of Sinful Flesh: An Essay on the Humanity of Christ (T and T Clark, 1993).

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