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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is compost.


Six Superlative Sources

· Miller, F. C. (1991). Biodegradation of solid wastes by composting. In: Biological Degradation of Wastes, A. M. Martin, Ed. (pp. 1-31). Elsevier Applied Science.

· Haug, R. T. (1993). The Practical Handbook of Compost Engineering, Lewis Publishers.

· Hoitink, H. A. J., and H. Keener (Eds.). (1993). Proceedings of the International Composting Research Symposium (pp. 59-94). Renaissance Publications.

· Epstein, E. (1997). The Science of Composting. Technomic.

· Cornell Composting. T.L. Richard, N. M. Trautmann, M. E. Krasny, S. A. Fredenburg, and C. Stuart. (1996).

· JG Press, Inc., publishers of the trade magazine "BioCycle" and the scientific journal "Compost Science and Utilization."

Other Excellent Sources

· Finstein, M. S., F. C. Miller, and P. F. Strom. (1985). Waste treatment composting as a controlled system. In: W. Schönborn (Ed.), H-J. Rehm and G. Reed (Series Eds.), Biotechnology: A Comprehensive Treatise in 8 Volumes. Vol. 8: Microbial degradations (pp. 363-398). Weinheim: VCH.

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