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The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is salt.


Six Superlative Sources

· MRBloch Salt Archive

· D. Denton. The Hunger for Salt: An Anthropological, Physiological and Medical Analysis. Springer-Verlag, 1982.

· R. Multhauf. Neptune's Gift: A History of Common Salt. John Hopkins University Press, 1978.

· P. Astrup, P. Bie, H.C.H. Engell. Salt and Water in Culture and Medicine. Blackwell Science, 1993.

· M.R. Bloch. "A Hypothesis for the Change of Ocean Levels Depending on the Albedo of the Polar Ice Caps." Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoocology, 1: 127-142 (1965).

· M.R. Bloch. "The Social Influence of Salt." Scientific American, 209: 88-96, 98 (July 1963).

Other Excellent Sources

· K. de Brisay. "The Red Hills of Essex," in Salt: The Study of an Ancient Industry. Colchester Archaeological Group, 1975.

· H. Bruce. The Saltsources of India. British Museum Shelfmark 8232 C 45 (1863).

· A.P.Andrews. Maya Salt Production and Trade. University of Arizona Press, 1983.

· A. M. Samuel. The Herring, Its Effect on the History of Britain. John Murray, 1913.

· T. Monod and P. Grimal. "Sur la Veritable Nature du 'Garum'." Rev. Etudes Anciennes, LIV(1-2): 27-38 (1952).

· M.R. Bloch. "Historical Evidence of Sea-Level Change and Its Relation to Polar Albedo." Symposium Arctic Heat Budget and Atmospheric Circulation, University of California and Rand Corporation, 179-196 (1966).

· M.R. Bloch, et al. "The Bromide Content in the Halogenides of Food and of Body Fluids." Bulletin of the Research Council of Israel, 8A: 155-165 (1959).

· P. Gouletquer. "Niger, Country of Salt," in Salt: The Study of an Ancient Industry. Colchester Archaeological Group, 1975.

· A. Bridbury. England and the Salt Trade in the Later Middle Ages. Clarendon Press, 1955.

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