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Fertility and Economic Development

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is fertility and economic development.


Six Superlative Sources

· Becker, Gary S., and Barro, Robert, 1988, "A Reformulation of the Economic Theory of Fertility," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 53(1):1-25.

· Becker, Gary S., Murphy, Kevin M., and Tamura, Robert, 1990, "Human Capital, Fertility, and Economic Growth," Journal of Political Economy, 98(5):S12-S37.

· Birdsall, Nancy, 1988, "Economic Approaches to Population Growth," pp. 477-542 in H. Chenery and T.N. Srivivasan, eds., Handbook of Development Economics, Vol. 1, Elsevier Science Publishers.

· Feng, Yi, Kugler, Jacek, and Zak, Paul J., 2000, "The Politics of Fertility and Economic Development," International Studies Quarterly, 44(4):667-694.

· Hanushek, Eric A., 1992, "The Trade-Off between Child Quantity and Quality," Journal of Political Economy, 100(1):84-117.

· Srinivasan, T.N., and Robinson, James A., 1997, "Long-Term Consequences of Population Growth: Technological Change, Natural Resources, and the Environment," in Handbook of Population and Family Economics, Rosenzweig, Mark R., and Stark, Oded, eds., Elsevier.

Other Excellent Sources

· Becker, Gary S., and Tomes, Nigel, 1976, "Child Endowments and the Quantity and Quality of Children," Journal of Political Economy, 84(4):S143-S162.

· Behrman, Jere, and Taubman, Paul, 1989, "Is Schooling 'Mostly in the Genes'? Nature-Nurture Decomposition Using Data on Relatives," Journal of Political Economy, 97(6):1425-1446.

· Bongaarts, J., Mauldin, W.P., and Phillips, J.F., 1990, "The Demographic Impact of Family Planning Programs," Studies in Family Planning, 21:299-310.

· Freedman, L.P., 1994, "Family Planning as an Instrument of Empowerment," International Family Planning Perspectives, 20:31-33.

· Galor, Oded, and Tsiddon, Daniel, 1997, "The Distribution of Human Capital and Economic Growth," Journal of Economic Growth, 2:93-124.

· Notestein, F., 1945, "Population, The Long View," pp. 36-57 in T.W. Schultz, ed., Food for the World, University of Chicago Press.

· Organski, A.F.K., Kugler, Jacek, Johnson, Timothy, and Cohen, Youssef, 1984, Birth, Death and Taxes: Political and Economic Transition, University of Chicago Press.

· Tamura, Robert, 1996, "From Decay to Growth: A Demographic Transition to Economic Growth," Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 20:1237-1261.

· Thompson, W.S., 1929, "Population," American Journal of Sociology, 34:959-975.

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