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Coolidge, Calvin (1872-1933)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is U.S. President Calvin Coolidge.


Six Superlative Sources

· The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge. Calvin Coolidge. Cosmopolitan Book, 1929 (reprinted in various editions, including by the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, 1989). The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge reflects the man. It is simple and direct and provides great insight into his life and into the development of his character. While sometimes criticized for its brevity, it is simultaneously rewarding and charming. This is highly recommended for anyone wishing to gain the truest perspective of Calvin Coolidge and to be provided with a sterling and timeless model of character and values.

· The Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation. This excellent organization in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, is dedicated to the preservation of President Coolidge's legacy through research and education and provides a rich source of professionally developed information on the life of President Coolidge.

· President Calvin Coolidge State Historical Site. Located in a valley of unique New England beauty in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, this site operated by the State of Vermont is one of the finest and best preserved presidential sites in the nation. In the autumn, it is one of the most beautiful places in New England. The site includes the restored home where President Coolidge took his oath of office to become President, the general store operated by his father (the Coolidge birthplace is located in the residence at the rear of the store), the cheese company once operated by the President's son John, a beautiful church, and other buildings of interest. The site also contains a small, but excellent museum reviewing the life of President Coolidge and a gift shop. The shop sells copies of President Coolidge's autobiography. It is a wonderful place to visit and is an excellent starting point to learn more about the President. The site is operated seasonally, and call ahead for hours of operation.

· The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library and Museum. Located at the Forbes Library in Northampton, Massachusetts, a stately city library housing one of the nation's largest repositories of information about President Coolidge. President Coolidge left his presidential papers to the Forbes Library. This is the only presidential library in a public library.The library contains presidential papers, memorabilia, and photographs and is a must for those interested in the life of the President. Call ahead for hours.

· Calvin Coolidge, The Man from Vermont. Claude Feuss. Little Brown and Company, 1940.

· The largest source of information about President Calvin Coolidge on the Internet, this site emphasizes the character and values of President Coolidge and offers them as a model. Includes a biography, a large collection of Coolidge humor and quotations, and information on First Lady Grace Coolidge.

Other Excellent Sources

· Prosperity and Thrift: The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy, 1921-1929. U.S. Library of Congress. This element of the "American Memory" collection contains voluminous sources of information about Coolidge, including photos, copies of speeches, etc. One highly interesting item is a "vintage video" under the title of "Visitin' Round at Coolidge Corners," which can be downloaded, showing Plymouth Notch, Coolidge pitching hay with neighbors, his father, Mrs.Coolidge, and others. It is simple and charming. It is difficult to describe the feeling while viewing it that those producing it, or appearing in it, could ever have imagined its being able to be transmitted through phone lines or cable to anyplace on earth.

· Coolidge, Calvin. Speech (audio recording), July 4, 1920. The Vincent Voice Library, Michigan State University.

· Vermont Historical Society. Contains many artifacts, documents and historical records about the State of Vermont, including information about President Coolidge. Use the search function at the site to search for "Calvin Coolidge."

· Biography of Calvin Coolidge. U.S. White House.

· American Presidents: Life Portrait of Calvin Coolidge. From television network C-Span, complementing its 1999 series, "American Presidents: Life Portraits."

· Presidents of the United States (POTUS): Calvin Coolidge. Robert Summers.

· The Presidency of Calvin Coolidge. Robert H. Ferrell. University of Kansas Press, 1998.

· Coolidge: An American Enigma. Robert Sobel. Regnery, 1998.

· Calvin Coolidge: Examining the Evidence, Proceedings of a Conference Held at the John F. Kennedy Library, July 30-31, 1998. Also published in New England Journal of History, Vol. 55, No. 1, Fall 1998.

· The Quiet President. Donald McCoy. MacMillan, 1967.

· Your Son, Calvin Coolidge. Edward Lathem, ed. Vermont Historical Society, 1968.

· The Provincial: Calvin Coolidge and His World, 1885-1895. Hendrik V. Booraem. Bucknell University Press, 1994.

· A Puritan in Babylon. William Allen White. MacMillan, 1938.

· The Quotable Calvin Coolidge. Peter Hannaford, compiler and ed. Images from the Past, 2001.

· The Unique Inauguration of Calvin Coolidge. Vrest Orton. Academy Books, 1970.

· Forty-Two Years in the White House. Irwin Hoover. Houghton Mifflin, 1934. Hoover was the chief usher in the White House for decades and saw many presidents come and go. He was not particularly fond of Coolidge. He noted that Coolidge had some explosive moments of rage to match any president with whom he was familiar.

· The Mind of the President. Bascom Slemp. Doubleday Doran, 1926. Slemp was a secretary to President Coolidge.

· As I Knew Them: Presidents and Politics from Grant to Coolidge. Henry L. Stoddard. Harper and Brothers, 1927.

· Presidents and First Ladies. Mary Randolph. Appleton-Century, 1936. Mrs. Randolph was the White House social secretary during the Coolidge's tenure in the White House.

· Starling of the White House. Edmund W. Starling. Simon and Schuster, 1946. Colonel Edmund Starling was head of the White House Secret Service and a frequent walking companion of President Coolidge.

· The Real Calvin Coolidge: The Journal of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation. 1983-present.

· Grace Coolidge and Her Era. Ishbel Ross. Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, 1988.

· Grace Coolidge: An Autobiography. Lawrence E. Wilkander and Robert Ferrell, eds. The Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, 1992.

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