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Underground Railroad

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the Underground Railroad and the emancipation of American slaves in the nineteenth century.


Six Superlative Sources

· U.S. National Park Service: National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program.

· Siebert, Wilbur. (1898). The Underground Railway from Slavery to Freedom. Macmillan.

· Still, William. (1975). The Underground Railroad: A Record of Facts, Authentic Narratives, Letters, Etc., Narrating the Hardships. Johnson Publishing. Originally published by Porter and Coates, 1872.

· Coffin, Levi. (1880). Reminiscences of Levi Coffin, the Reputed President of the Underground Railroad: Being a Brief History of the Labors of a Lifetime in Behalf of the Slave with Stories of Numerous Fugitives, Who Gained Their Freedom through His Instrumentality, and Many Other Incidents. 2nd edition with appendix. Robert Clark.

· National Geographic: The Underground Railroad.

· The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

Other Excellent Sources

· Still, William. (1970). The Underground Railroad. Johnson Publishing. Originally published in 1871 by the author.

· Buckmaster, Henrietta (pseudonym of Henrietta Henkle). (1941). Let My People Go: The Story of the Underground Railroad and the Growth of the Abolition Movement. Harper and Brothers.

· PBS Online: Africans in America: America's Journey through Slavery. This documentary series is presented in four parts: (1) The Terrible Transformation: 1450-1750; (2) Revolution: 1750-1805; (3) Brotherly Love: 1791-1831; (4) Judgment Day: 1831-1865. For each era, you'll find a historical narrative; a resource bank of images, documents, stories, biographies, and commentaries; and a teacher's guide for using the content of the web site and television series in U.S. history courses.

· Blockson, Charles L. (1984). Escape from Slavery: The Underground Railroad. National Geographic, 166 (1).

· Preston, E.D. (1993). The Genesis of the Underground Railroad. Journal of Negro History, (18).

· Blockson, Charles L. (1987). The Underground Railroad: First-Person Narratives of Escapes to Freedom in the North. Prentice Hall.

· Brandt, Nat. (1990). The Town That Started the Civil War. Syracuse University Press.

· Fairchild, James H. (1895). The Underground Railroad: An Address Delivered for the Society in the Association Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, January 24, 1895. Western Reserve Historical Society, Vol. IV, Tract No. 87.

· Strother, Horatio T. (1962). The Underground Railroad in Connecticut. Wesleyan University Press.

· Blassingame, James. (1977). Two Centuries of Letters, Speeches, Interviews and Autobiographies. Louisiana University Press.

· Rawick, George. (1972). From Sundown to Sunup: The Making of a Black Community. Greenwood Press.

· Ripley, C. Peter, et al., eds. (1985-93). The Black Abolitionist Papers. University of North Carolina Press.

· Gara, Larry. (1961). The Liberty Line: The Legend of the Underground Railroad. Reprint edition, University Press of Kentucky (1996).

· U.S. Library of Congress, Meet Amazing Americans: Harriet Tubman.

· African Genesis: Black History Presented by Smith/McIver. The Abolitionist.

· William Still Underground Railroad Foundation.

· WPA Ex-Slave Narratives, 1937-1938. Displays interviews of former slaves conducted by workers in the Federal Writer's Project in 1937-1938. Twenty-seven of these Ohio interviews did not get deposited in the U.S. Library of Congress and are only available at this site.

-- NOTE: To find information about underground railroad activities in a specific state, refer to the state historical society's web site and search the internet for (including the quotation marks) "Underground Railroad in (name of state)".

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