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Taxation -- United States Federal

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is federal taxation in the United States.


Six Superlative Sources

· Joseph A. Pechman, Federal Tax Policy, 5th ed. (Brookings Institute, 1987).

· Ronald F. King, Money, Time, and Politics: Investment Tax Subsidiaries and American Democracy (Yale University Press, 1993).

· John F. Witte, The Politics and Development of the Federal Income Tax (University of Wisconsin Press, 1985).

· Sheldon D. Pollack, The Failure of U.S. Tax Policy: Revenue and Politics (Penn State Press, 1996).

· Timothy J. Conlan, Margaret T. Wrightson, and David R. Beam, Taxing Choices: The Politics of Tax Reform (Congressional Quarterly Press, 1990).

· C. Eugene Steuerle, The Tax Decade: How Taxes Came to Dominate the Public Agenda (Urban Institute Press, 1992).

Other Excellent Sources

· Stanley S. Surrey, The Congress and the Tax Lobbyist--How Special Tax Provisions Get Enacted, Harv. L. Rev. 70: 1145 (1957).

· Randolph E. Paul, Taxation in the United States (Little, Brown, 1954).

· Sven Steinmo, Taxation and Democracy: Swedish, British, and American Approaches to Financing the Modern State (Yale University Press, 1993).

· David G. Davies, United States Taxes and Tax Policy (Cambridge University Press, 1986).

· Jeffrey H. Birnbaum and Alan S. Murray, Showdown at Gucci Gulch: Lawmakers, Lobbyists, and the Unlikely Triumph of Tax Reform (Vintage, 1987).

· Henry C. Simons, Federal Tax Reform (University of Chicago Press, 1950).

· Henry C. Simons, Personal Income Taxation: The Definition of Income as a Problem of Fiscal Policy (University of Chicago Press, 1938).

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   Taxation -- United States Federal
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