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Christian Ethics and Spirituality

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Christian ethics.


Six Superlative Sources

· Guroian, Vigen. "Seeing Worship as Ethics," in Incarnate Love: Essays in Orthodox Ethics (University of Notre Dame Press, 1987), chapter 3, pp. 51-78.

· O'Keefe, Mark. Becoming Good, Becoming Holy: On the Relationship of Christian Ethics and Spirituality. Paulist, 1995.

· Smith, Harmon. Where Two or Three Are Gathered: Liturgy and the Moral Life. Pilgrim, 1995.

· Sobrino, Jon. Spirituality of Liberation: Toward Political Holiness. Orbis Books, 1988.

· Spohn, William C. "Spirituality and Ethics: Exploring the Connections," Theological Studies 58 (1) 1997: 109-123.

· Porter, Jean. "Virtue Ethics and Its Significance for Spirituality," The Way Supplement 88 (Spring 1997): 26-35.

Other Excellent Sources

· Dawn, Marva. "Worship and Ethics," Dialog 32 (1993): 297-302.

· Field, David H., et al., eds. The New Dictionary of Christian Ethics and Pastoral Theology. InterVarsity Press, 1995.

· Kelsay, John, and Sumner B. Twiss, eds. The Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 2000, vol. 20 (The Society of Christian Ethics, 2000; distributed by Georgetown University Press), pp. 225-305. Includes essays by Vigen Guroian, M. Therese Lysaught, Susan A. Ross, and Christian Batalden Scharen.

· Mohrmann, Margaret E. Medicine as Ministry: Reflections on Suffering, Ethics, and Hope. Pilgrim Press, 1995.

· Peterson, David G. "Worship and Ethics in Romans 12," Tyndale Bulletin 44 (1993): 271-288.

· Pohl, Christine D. Making Room: Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition. Eerdmans, 1999.

· Ramsey, Paul. "Liturgy and Ethics," Journal of Religious Ethics 7 (1979): 139-171.

· Rossi, Philip J. "Narrative, Worship, and Ethics: Empowering Images for the Shape of the Christian Moral Life," Journal of Religious Ethics 7 (Fall 1979): 239-248.

· Saliers, D.E. "Liturgy and Ethics: Some New Beginnings," Journal of Religious Ethics 7 (1979): 173-189.

· Schreiter, Robert J. Reconciliation: Mission and Ministry in a Changing Social Order. Orbis Books, 1997.

· "Spirituality and Ethics" issue. The Way Supplement 88 (Spring 1997): 3-116. Includes eleven essays.

· Waddell, Paul J. Friendship and the Moral Life. University of Notre Dame Press, 1989.

· Wainwright, Geoffrey. "Eucharist and/as Ethics," Worship 62 (1988): 123-137.

· Wakefield, Gordon, ed. The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Spirituality. Westminster Press, 1983.

· Weed, Michael R. "Worship and Ethics: Confession, Character and Conduct," Christian Studies 13 (1993): 47-53.

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