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Fortifications -- Europe -- History

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of European fortifications.


Six Superlative Sources

· Duffy, Christopher. Siege Warfare: The Fortress in the Early Modern World, 1494-1660. Kegan Paul, 1979.

· Duffy, Christopher. The Fortress in the Age of Vauban and Frederick the Great, 1660-1789: Siege Warfare, Volume II. Kegan Paul, 1985.

· Kaufmann, J.E., and R.M. Jurga. Fortress Europe: European Fortifications of World War II. Combined Publishing, 1999.

· Lawrence, A.W. Greek Aims in Fortification. Oxford University Press, 1979.

· Mallory, Keith, and Arvid Ottar. The Architecture of War. Pantheon, 1973. Published as Architecture of Aggession, Architectural Press, 1973.

· Vauban, Sabastien Leprestre de., transl. by George A. Rothrock. A Manual of Siegecraft and Fortification. University of Michigan Press, 1968.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bradbury, Jim. The Medieval Siege. Boydell, 1992.

· Hale, J.R. Renaissance Fortification: Art or Engineering? Thames and Hudson, 1977.

· Hughes, Quentin, and Athanassios Migos. Strong as the Rock of Gibralter. Exchange Publications, 1995.

· Kaufmann, J.E., and H.W. Kaufmann. The Maginot Line: None Shall Pass. Praeger, 1997.

· Kemp, Anthony. The Maginot Line: Myth and Reality. Stein and Day, 1982.

· Kerrigan, Paul M. Castles and Fortifications in Ireland, 1485-1945. Collins Press, 1995.

· The Maginot Line.

· McNeill, Tom. Castles in Ireland: Feudal Power in a Gaelic World. Routledge, 1997.

· Pepper, Simon, and Nicholas Adams. Firearms and Fortifications: Military Architecture and Siege Warfare in Sixteenth-Century Siena. University of Chicago Press, 1986.

· Rolf, Rudi, and Peter Saal. Fortress Europe. Airlife, 1986.

· Rowe, Vivian. The Great Wall of France: The Triumph of the Maginot Line. Putnam, 1959.

· Spiteri, Stephen C. Fortresses of the Cross: Hospitaller Military Architecture (1136-1798). Heritage Interpretation Services, 1994.

· Spiteri, Stephen C. British Military Architecture in Malta. The author, 1996.

· Winter, F.E. Greek Fortifications. University of Toronto Press, 1971.

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