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Environmental History

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is environmental history.


Six Superlative Sources

· C. Kuchli. 1997. Forests of Hope: Stories of Regeneration. Earthscan Publications, 256 p.

· W. Cronon. 1983. Changes in the Land. Hill and Wang, 241 p.

· M. Kurlansky. 1997. Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World. Penguin, 294 p.

· C. Bahre. 1991. A Legacy of Change. University of Arizona Press, 231 p.

· C. Merchant. 1999. Green versus Gold: Sources in California Environmental History. Island Press, 489 p.

· J.V. Thirgood. 1981. Man and the Mediterranean Forest: A History of Resource Depletion, Academic Press, 194 p.

Other Excellent Sources

· Environmental History (journal).

· Forest History Today (journal).

· F.M. Chambers, ed. 1989. Climate Change and Human Impact on the Landscape. Chapman and Hall, 303 p.

· E.B. Russell. 1997. People and the Land through Time. Yale University Press, 306 p.

· L.T. Burcham. 1957. California Range Land: An Historico-Ecological Study of the Range Resource of California. Division of Forestry, Dept. of Natural Resources, 261 p. Reprint. University of California Press, 1982. 256 p.

· H. Biswell. 1999. Prescribed Burning. University of California Press, 274 p.

· H.D. Thoreau. 1993. Faith in a Seed. Island Press, 283 p.

· T.C. Blackburn and M.K. Anderson. 1993. Before the Wilderness. Ballena Press, 476 p.

· D.B. Botkin. 1995. Our Natural History. Putnam, 300 p.

· J. Perlin. 1989. A Forest Journey: The Role of Wood in the Development of Civilization.

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