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Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich (1899-1977)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Vladimir Nabokov.


Six Superlative Sources

· Boyd, Brian. Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years. Princeton University Press, 1990.

· Boyd, Brian. Vladimir Nabokov: The American Years. Princeton University Press, 1991.

· Alexandrov, Vladimir E., ed. The Garland Companion to Vladimir Nabokov. Garland, 1995.

· Shrayer, Maxim D. The World of Nabokov's Stories. University of Texas Press, 1999.

· ZEMBLA, Site of The International Vladimir Nabokov Society

· (Waxwing) The Vladimir Nabakov Appreciation Site

Other Excellent Sources

· Alexandrov, Vladimir E. Nabokov's Otherworld. Princeton University Press, 1991.

· Appel, Alfred, Jr. Nabokov's Dark Cinema. Oxford University Press, 1974.

· Bader, Julia. Crystal Land: Artifice in Nabokov's English Novels. University of California Press, 1972.

· Barabtarlo, Gennady. Aerial View: Essays on Nabokov's Art and Metaphysics. Peter Lang, 1993.

· Beaujour, Elizabeth Klosty. Alien Tongues: Bilingual Russian Writers of the "First" Emigration. Cornell University Press, 1989.

· Bloom, Harold, ed. Vladimir Nabokov. Modern Critical Views Series. Chelsea House, 1987.

· Boyd, Brian. Nabokov's Ada: The Place of Consciousness. Ardis, 1985.

· Clancy, Laurie. The Novels of Vladimir Nabokov. Macmillan Press, 1984.

· Connolly, Julian W. Nabokov's Early Fiction: Patterns of Self and Other. Cambridge University Press, 1993.

· Foster, John Burt, Jr. Nabokov's Art of Memory and European Modernism. Princeton University Press, 1993.

· Green, Geoffrey. Freud and Nabokov. University of Nebraska Press, 1988.

· Hyde, G.M. Vladimir Nabokov: America's Russian Novelist. Marion Boyars, 1977.

· Johnson, D. Barton. Worlds in Regression: Some Novels of Vladimir Nabokov. Ardis, 1985.

· Packman, David. Vladimir Nabokov: The Structure of Literary Desire. University of Missouri Press, 1982.

· Page, Norman, ed. Nabokov: The Critical Heritage. Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1982.

· Parker, Stephen Jan. Understanding Vladimir Nabokov. University of South Carolina Press, 1987.

· Pifer, Ellen. Nabokov and the Novel. Harvard University Press 1980.

· Rampton, David. Vladimir Nabokov: A Critical Study of the Novels. Cambridge University Press, 1984.

· Roth, Phyllis A., ed. Critical Essays on Vladimir Nabokov. G.K. Hall, 1984.

· Rowe, William. Nabokov's Deceptive World. New York University Press, 1971.

· Rowe, William. Nabokov's Spectral Dimension. Ardis, 1981.

· Sharpe, Tony. Vladimir Nabokov. Edward Arnold, 1991.

· Toker, Leona: Nabokov: The Mystery of Literary Structures. Cornell University Press, 1989.

· Wood, Michael: The Magician's Doubts: Nabokov and the Risks of Fiction. Chatto and Windus, 1994.

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