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Blacksmithing -- Design and Technique

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is blacksmithing.


Six Superlative Sources

· Art Metal Forging. Hawkins, David (A&C Black, 2002).

· The Artist Blacksmith. Parkinson, Peter (Crowood Press, 2001).

· The Contemporary Blacksmith. Meilach, Dona Z. (Schiffer Publishing, 2000).

· Into the New Iron Age. Chatwin, Amina (Coach House Publishing, 1995).

· New Edge of the Anvil. Andrews, Jack (Skipjack Press, 1994).

· Wrought Iron. Kuhn, Fritz (Harrap, 1965).

Other Excellent Sources

· The Art of Albert Paley. Lucie-Smith, Edward (Harry N. Abrams, 1996).

· The Art of Blacksmithing. Bealer, Alex (Funk and Wagnalls, 1969; reprinted by Castle Books, 1995).

· The Blacksmith's Craft: An Introduction to Smithing for Apprentices and Craftsmen. (Rural Industries Bureau, 1952; reprinted by Countryside Agency, 1997).

· The Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated: A Practical Treatise on Modern Methods of Production for Blacksmiths, Apprentice Blacksmiths, Engineers and Others. Lillico, J.W. (Technical Press, 1930; reprinted by the Countryside Agency, 1991).

· The British Artist Blacksmiths Association.

· Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork. Meilach, Dona Z. (Schiffer Publishing, 1999).

· Decorative Ironwork. (Rural Industries Bureau, 1962; reprinted by Countryside Agency, 1997).

· Forge and Anvil. Rodrigues, George, producer, and Rogers, Alan, host (University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 1999). A book, videos from the television series, and other resources.

· Kunst aus dem Feur (Art from the Fire). Hoffmann, Gretl (Julius Hoffmann, 1987). Text in German and English.

· Schmiedearbeiten von Heute (Blacksmithing of Today). Hoffmann, Gretl, and Maurach, Jürgen. (Julius Hoffmann, 1986). Text in German and English.

· Wrought Ironwork. (Rural Industries Bureau, 1953; reprinted by Countryside Agency, 1997).

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