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Méndez, Rafael (1906-1981)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Rafael Méndez.


Six Superlative Sources

· Hickman, Jane W., and Delon Lyren. Magnificent Méndez. Summit Records, 1994.

· Larson, David, and George Sotter. "Rafael Méndez--From Pancho Villa to Paganini." Instrumentalist 27 (December 1972): 26-29.

· Lyren, Del. Rafael Méndez (1906-1981): A Study of His Life and Influence. In: The Trumpet World. D.M.A. diss., Arizona State University, 1994.

· Lyren, Del. "Rafael Méndez: The Life of a Master Trumpeter." Journal of the International Trumpet Guild 3 (February 1999): 4-23.

· Lyren, Del. The Rafael Méndez Range and Precision." The Instrumentalist 50 (November 1995): 50-60.

· Méndez, Rafael. Prelude to Brass Playing. Carl Fischer, 1961.

Other Excellent Sources


· The Rafael Méndez Library at Arizona State University


· Laplace, Michel. "Rafael Méndez." Brass Bulletin 75 (1991): 48-51.

· Lewis, H. M. "Rafael Méndez: Trumpeter Extraordinaire." Journal of the International Trumpet Guild 4 (May 1979): 13-16.

· Méndez, Rafael. "Prelude to Brass." Music Journal 23 (January 1965): 39.

· Méndez, Rafael. "Successful Trumpet Playing: A Talk with Rafael Méndez." International Musician 58 (October 1959): 18.

· Méndez, Rafael. "Trumpeter on a Teaching Tour." Music Journal 10 (September 1952): 25, 50.


· Méndez, Rafael. Interview by various Los Angeles trumpet players. Videotape in Rafael Méndez Library, Arizona State University.

· Méndez, Rafael. Performance on Art Linkletter's House Party. Videotape in Rafael Méndez Library. Arizona State University.

· Méndez, Rafael. "The Trumpet." Concerts on Film. Filmstrip by Mills Picture Corporation, 1956. Videotape located in Rafael Méndez Library. Arizona State University.


· The Decca Recordings of Rafael Méndez. 12 CD set reissued by Summit Records. DCD-9001.

· Rafael Méndez: The Legacy. Summit Records. DCD-178.

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