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Energy -- Central Asia

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is Central Asia's energy resources.


Six Superlative Sources

· Oil and Gas in Central Asia and Northwest China, James P. Dorian, 2001, CWC Group, 174p.

· "Energy in Central Asia and Northwest China: Major Trends and Opportunities for Regional Cooperation," Energy Policy, Vol. 27, No. 7, May 1999, pp. 281-297, James P. Dorian, Tojiev Utkur Abbasovich, Mikhail S. Tonkopy, Obozov Alaibek Jumabekovich, and Qiu Daxiong.

· "Central Asia and Xinjiang, China: Emerging Energy, Economic, and Ethnic Relations," Central Asian Survey, Vol. 16, Number 4, September 1997, pp. 461-486, James P. Dorian, Brett Wigdortz, and Dru Gladney.

· Energy and Environmental Challenges in Central Asia and the Caucasus: Windows for Cooperation, Preeti Soni (editor), 1996, Tata Energy Research Institute, 264p.

· Caspian Oil and Gas: The Supply Potential of Central Asia and Transcaucasia, International Energy Agency, 1998, International Energy Agency in co-operation with the Energy Charter Secretariat, 297p.

· Energy Politics in the Caspian and Russia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

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