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Double Bass -- Classical

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the classical double bass.


Six Superlative Sources

· The International Society of Bassists. The best organization devoted solely to the double bass and publishers of the journal Bass World.

· The Double Bassist, published by Orpheus Publications, Ltd., London. One of the two best journals (with Bass World cited above) for current articles about the double bass.

· Grodner, Murray: Comprehensive Catalog of Music, Books, Recordings and Videos for the Double Bass (Fourth Edition), 2000, Grodner Publications: Best resource for music and materials related to the double bass.

· Elgar, Raymond: Introduction to the Double Bass, 1960; Looking at the Double Bass, 1967; More about the Double Bass, 1963; Raymond Elgar: Best resources for information regarding the most famous double bass makers. Reprints are available through classical sheet music stores.

· Brown, Christopher: Discovering Bows for the Double Bass, 1994, Beaux Arts Editions: Best resource for information on double bass bows.

· Brun, Paul: A New History of the Double Bass, 2000, Paul Brun Productions: Best resources for the history of the double bass.

Other Excellent Sources

· Planyavsky, Alfred: Geschichte des Kontrabasses, 1984, Musikverlag Hans Schneider.


· Domenico Dragonetti: 1763-1846 (Italian, but most of career in England)

· Giovanni Bottesini: 1821-1889 (Italian)

· Sergei Koussevitzky: 1874-1951 (Russian, but much of career in U.S. as conductor of the Boston Symphony)


· Gary Karr (U.S.)

· Edgar Meyer (U.S.)

· Franco Petracchi (Italy)

· Joel Quarrington (Canada)

· Francois Rabbath (France)

· Klaus Stoll (Germany)

· Ludwig Streicher (Austria)

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