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Computer-Assisted Music Analysis

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the electronic analysis of music.


Six Superlative Sources

· Alphonce, Bo H. 1989. "Computer Applications in Music Research: A Retrospective," Computers in Music Research I (1989): 133-159.

· Balaban, Mira, Kemal Ebcioglu, and Otto Laske, eds. 1992. Understanding Music with AI: Perspectives on Music Cognition. MIT Press.

· Baroni, Mario, and Laura Callegari. Eds. 1984. Musical Grammars and Computer Analysis. Olschki.

· Leman, Marc. Ed. 1997. Music, Gestalt, and Computing. Studies in Cognitive and Systematic Musicology. Springer.

· Schuler, Nico Stephan. 2000. Methods of Computer-Assisted Music Analysis: History, Classification, Evaluation. Ph.D. thesis. East Lansing: Michigan State University.

· Todd, Peter M., and D. Gareth Loy. Eds. 1991. Music and Connectionism. The MIT Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Cope, David. 1991. Computers and Musical Style. Wisconsin: A-R Editions.

· Cope, David. 1996. Experiments in Musical Intelligence. A-R Editions.

· Desain, Peter, and Henkjan Honing. 1992. Music, Mind, and Machine: Studies in Computer Music, Music Cognition, and Artificial Intelligence. Thesis Publishers.

· Heckmann, Harald. 1967. Elektronische Datenverarbeitung in der Musikwissenschaft. Gustav Bosse.

· Leman, Marc. 1995. Music and Schema Theory. Cognitive Foundations of Systematic Musicology. Springer.

· Schaffer, John, and Deron McGee. 1997. Knowledge-Based Programming for Music Research. A-R Editions.

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