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Fungal Physiology

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is fungal physiology.


Six Superlative Sources

· Esser, K. and Lembke, L.A. (1993 ff.) The Mycota, Vols. 1 - 4. Springer Verlag.

· Griffin, D.H. (1994) Fungal Physiology. Wiley-Liss.

· Martinelli, S.D. and Kinghorn, J.D. 1994. Aspergillus: 50 years on. Progress in industrial microbiology, vol. 29. Elsevier Sci.

· Kubicek, C.P. and Harman, G.E. (1998) Trichoderma and Gliocladium. Vol. 1. Basic biology, taxonomy and genetics; Vol. 2: Enzymes, biological control and commercial applications. Taylor and Francis, Ltd.

· Jennings, D.H. (1995) The physiology of fungal nutrition. Cambridge University Press.

· Gow, N.A.R. and Gadd, G.M. (1995) The growing fungus. Chapman and Hall, London

Other Excellent Sources

· Linden, H. et al. 1997. Blue Light regulation in Neurspora crassa. Fungal genet. Biol. 22, 141 ff.

· Adams, T.H. et al. 1998. Asexual sporulation in Aspergillus nidulans. Microbiol. Mol. Biol. Rev. 62, 35 ff.

· Fischer, R. 1999. Nuclear movement in filamentous fungi. FEMS Microbiol. Letts. 23, 39-68.

· Heath, I.B. and Steinberg, G. 1999. Mechanisms of hyphal growth: tube dwelling amobae revisited. Fungal Genet. Biol. 28, 79 ff.

· Nielsen, J. 1998. The role of metabolic engineering in the production of secondary metabolites. Curr. Opin. Microbiol. 1, 330 ff.

· Marzluf, G.A. 1997. Genetic regulation of nitrogen metabolism in the fungi. Microbiol. Mol. Biol. Rev. 61, 17 ff.

· Kempken, F. and Kück, U. 1998. Transposons in filamentous fungi -- facts and perspectives. BioEsays 20, 652 ff.

· Burgstaller, W. 1997. Transport of small ions and moleculaes through the plasma membrane of filamentous fungi. Crit Rev Microbiol 23, 1 ff.

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