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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is heatstroke.


Six Superlative Sources

· R.J. Anderson, G. Reed, and J. Knochel, "Heatstroke," Advances in Internal Medicine, 28:115-140 (1983).

· D. Lumlertgui, B. Chuaychoo, S. Thitiarchakul, S. Srimahachota, K. Sangchun, and M. Keoplung, "Heat stroke-induced multiple organ failure," Ren Fail., 14(1):77-80 (1992).

· M. Akhtar, M. al-Nozha, S. al-Harthi, and M.S. Nouh, "Electrocardiographic abnormalities in patients with heat stroke," Chest, 104(2):411-414 (1993).

· D. Zagher, A. Moses, and A.T. Weiss, "Evidence of prolonged myocardial dysfunction in heat stroke," Chest, 97(6):1503 (1990).

· A.M. Costrini, H.A. Pitt, A.B. Gustafson, and D.E. Uddin, "Cardiovascular and metabolic manifestations of heat stroke and severe heat exhaustion," Am. J. Med., 66(2):296-302 (1979).

· M. Royburt, Y. Epstein, Z. Solomon, and J. Shemer, "Long-term psychological and physiological effects of heat stroke," Physiol. Behav., 54(2):265-267 (1993).

Other Excellent Sources

· G. Delgado, T. Tunon, J. Gallego, and J.A. Villanueva, "Spinal cord lesions in heat stroke," J. Neurol. Neurosurg. Psychiatry, 48(10):1065-1067 (1985).

· M. Khogali and J.R.S. Hales (eds), Heat Stroke and Temperature Regulation Workshop (1983: Jiddah, Saudi Arabia), Academic Press (1983).

· J.P. Knochel, "Heat stroke and related heat stress disorders," Dis. Mon., 35(5):301-377 (1989).

· C.J. Ash, J.R. Cook, T.A. McMurry, and C.R. Auner, "The use of rectal temperature to monitor heat stroke," Mo. Med., 89(5):283-288 (1992).

· T. Chiong and J.T. Stitt, "Heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses," Postgrad. Med., 98(1):26-33 (1995).

· S.N. Dixit, K.O. Bushara, and B.R. Brooks, "Epidemic heat stroke in a Midwest community: Risk factors, neurological complications and sequelae," Wis. Med. J., 96(5):39-41 (1997).

· C.L. Batcha, "Heat stroke: Keeping your patients cool in the summer," J. Psychosoc. Nurs. Ment. Health Serv., 35(7):12-17 (1997).

· J.G. Dickerson, "Heat illnesses in the services," J. R. Army Med. Corp., 140(1):7-12 (1994).

· G.R. Hart, R.J. Anderson, C.P. Crumpler, A. Shulkin, G. Reed, and J.P. Knochel, "Epidemic classical heat stroke: Clinical characteristics and causes in 28 patients," Medicine Baltimore, 61(3):189-197 (1982).

· M.S. al-Hadramy and F. Ali, "Catecholamines in heat stroke," Mil. Med., 154(5):263-264 (1989).

· T. Hassanein, A. Razack, J. Gavaler, and D. VanThiel, "Heatstroke: Its clinical and pathological presentation with particular reference to the liver," Am. J. Gastroent., 87(10):1382-1388 (1992).

· P. Sort, A. Mas, J.M. Salmeron, M. Bruguera, and J. Rodes, "Recurrent liver involvement in heatstroke," Liver, 16(5):335-337 (1996).

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