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Forests -- Economic Aspects

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the economics of forestry.


Six Superlative Sources

· Duerr, William A. 1960. Fundamentals of Forestry Economics. McGraw-Hill. 579 pp.

· Duerr, William A. 1993. Introduction to Forest Resource Economics. McGraw-Hill. 485 pp.

· Green, H.A. John. 1971. Consumer Theory. Penguin Books. 344 pp.

· Hirshleifer, Jack. 1970. Investment, Interest, and Capital. Prentice Hall. 320 pp.

· Klemperer, W. David. 1996. Forest Resource Economics and Finance. McGraw-Hill. 551 pp.

· Pearse, Peter H. 1990. Introduction to Forestry Economics. University of British Columbia Press. 226 pp.

Other Excellent Sources

· Gregory, G. Robinson. 1987. Resource Economics for Foresters. John Wiley. 477 pp.

· Helms, John A., Editor. 1998. The Dictionary of Forestry. The Society of American Foresters. 210 pp.

· Lewis, David K. 1976. Principles and Procedures in the Economic Analysis of Stand Treatments for Timber Production. University of Oxford (unpublished D. Phil. thesis). 352 pp.

· Wenger, Karl F., Editor. 1984. Forestry Handbook, Second Edition. John Wiley. 1335 pp.

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