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Radcliffe, Ann Ward (1764-1823)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Gothic novelist Ann Radcliffe.


Six Superlative Sources

· Greenfield, Susan. Mothering Daughters. Wayne State University Press, 2002.

· Haggerty, George. Unnatural Affections: Women and Fiction in the Later 18th Century. Indiana University Press, 1998.

· Norton, Rictor. Mistress of Udolpho: The Life of Ann Radcliffe. Leicester University Press, 1999.

· Rogers, Deborah D. Ann Radcliffe: A Bio-Bibliography. Greenwood Press, 1996.

· Rogers, Deborah D. The Critical Response to Ann Radcliffe. Greenwood Press, 1994.

· Talfourd, Sir Thomas Noon (Serjeant). "Memoir of the Life and Writings of Mrs. Radcliffe," prefixed to Radcliffe's posthumous novel, Gaston de Blondeville (1826). Most easily accessible in the Arno Press facsimile edition (1972).

Other Excellent Sources

· Castle, Terry. "The Spectralization of the Other in The Mysteries of Udolpho." In The New Eighteenth Century: Theory, Politics, English Literature. Felicity Nussbaum and Laura Brown, eds. Methuen, 1987.

· Ellis, Kate Ferguson. The Contested Castle. University of Illinois Press, 1989.

· Johnson, Claudia. Equivocal Beings. University of Chicago Press, 1995.

· Kilgour, Maggie. The Rise of the Gothic Novel. Routledge, 1995.

· Howells, Coral Ann. Love, Mystery and Misery: Feeling in Gothic Fiction. Athlone Press, 1978.

· DeLamotte, Eugenia. Perils of the Night. Oxford University Press, 1990.

· Day, William Patrick. Circles of Fear and Desire. Chicago University Press.

· Medlin, Dorothy. "Across the Channel: French Translations of Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho." In La Traduction des Langues Modernes au XVIIIe Siècle. Annie Rivara, ed. Champion, 2002.

· Miles, Robert. Ann Radcliffe: The Great Enchantress. Manchester University Press, 1995.

· Kahane, Claire. "Gothic Mirrors and Feminine Identity." Centennial Review 24 (1980): 43-64.

· Spacks, Patricia Meyer. Desire and Truth: Functions of Plot in Eighteenth-Century English Novels. University of Chicago Press, 1990.


· Potter, Franz. The Gothic Literature: English Gothic Fiction, 1764 to 1840.

· Potter, Franz. A Gothic Bibliography.

· Potter, Franz. Gothic Resources.

· Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia. The Sadlier-Black Collection of Gothic Fiction.

· Voller, Jack G. The Literary Gothic: The Premiere Web Guide to Gothic and Horror Literature Written prior to 1950.

· International Gothic Association.

· Norton, Rictor. The Life of Ann Radcliffe.


· Eighteenth-Century Studies. Journal of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS).

· Liu, Alan. Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature, Restoration and 18th Century.

· Lynch, Jack. Eighteenth-Century Resources -- Literature.

· Berland, Kevin. C18-L: Resources for 18th-Century Studies across the Disciplines.

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