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Music -- Seventeenth-Century English Vocal

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of English choral music.


Six Superlative Sources

· Ashbee, Andrew, and David Lasocki, assisted by Peter Holman and Fiona Kisby. A Biographical Dictionary of English Court Musicians, 1485-1714. 2 vols. Scolar Press, 1998.

· Jones, Edward Huws. The Performance of English Song, 1610-1670. Garland Publishing, 1989.

· Le Huray, Peter. Music and the Reformation in England, 1549-1660. Herbert Jenkins, 1967.

· Spink, Ian. English Song, Dowland to Purcell. B.T. Batsford, 1974.

· Spink, Ian (editor). English Songs, 1625-1660. Musica Britannica, Vol. XXXIII. Stainer and Bell for the Royal Musical Association, 1971.

· Spink, Ian. Restoration Cathedral Music, 1660-1714. Clarendon Press, 1995.

Other Excellent Sources

· Hollander, John. The Untuning of the Sky: Ideas of Music in English Poetry, 1500-1700. W.W. Norton, 1970; reprint of the 1961 edition of Princeton University Press.

· Jorgens, Elise Bickford. English Song, 1600-1675. With introductions, annotations, and an edition of the texts of the songs. 12 vols. Garland Publishing, 1986-1989.

· Jorgens, Elise Bickford. The Well-Tun'd Word: Musical Interpretations of English Poetry, 1597-1651. University of Minnesota Press, 1982.

· Lafontaine, Henry Cart De (editor). The King's Musick: A Transcript of Records Relating to Music and Musicians, 1460-1700. Da Capo Press, 1973; reprint of the 1909 edition of Novello.

· Sabol, Andrew J. (editor). Four Hundred Songs and Dances from the Stuart Masque. Reprint with a supplement of sixteen additional pieces. University Press of New England, for Brown University Press, 1982; reprint of the 1978 edition of Brown University Press.

· Spink, Ian. "Sources of English Song, 1620-1660: A Survey," Miscellanea Musicologica: Adelaide Studies in Musicology, I (1966), 117-136.

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