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Figure Skating

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is figure skating.


Six Superlative Sources

· Baughman, Cynthia, ed. Women on Ice: Feminist Essays on the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan Spectacle. Routledge, 1995.

· Kestnbaum, Ellyn. Culture on Ice: Figure Skating and Cultural Meaning. Wesleyan University Press, 2003.

· Loosemore, Sandra. Skateweb: The Figure Skating Page.

· Petkevich, John Misha. Figure Skating: Championship Techniques. Sports Illustrated/Winners Circle Books, 1989.

· Smith, Beverley. Talking Figure Skating: Behind the Scenes in the World's Most Glamorous Sport. McClelland and Stewart, 1997.

· Yamaguchi, Kristi, with Christy Ness and Jody Meacham. Figure Skating for Dummies. IDG Books, 1997.

Other Excellent Sources

· Anderson, Kevin. Technical Figure Skating.

· Bezic, Sandra, with David Hayes. The Passion to Skate: An Intimate View of Figure Skating. Turner Publishing, 1996.

· Brennan, Christine. Inside Edge: A Revealing Journey into the Secret World of Figure Skating. Scribner, 1996.

· Brennan, Christine. Edge of Glory: The Inside Story of the Quest for Figure Skating's Olympic Gold Medals. Scribner, 1998.

· Brown, Nigel. Ice-Skating: A History. A.S. Barnes, 1959.

· Browning, Kurt. Kurt: Forcing the Edge. HarperCollins, 1991, 1992.

· Button, Dick. Dick Button on Skates. Prentice Hall, 1955.

· Cranston, Toller, with Martha Lowder Kimball. Zero Tollerance: An Intimate Memoir by the Man Who Revolutionized Figure Skating. McClelland and Stewart, 1997.

· Edgerton, Ellen. Silent Edge: Advocacy for Figure Skaters.

· Fleming, Peggy, with Peter Kaminsky. The Long Program: Skating toward Life's Victories. Pocket Books, 1999.

· Galindo, Rudy, with Eric Marcus. Icebreaker: The Autobiography of Rudy Galindo. Pocket Books, 1997.

· Gordeeva, Ekaterina, with E.M. Swift. My Sergei: A Love Story. G.K. Hall, 1997.

· Hamilton, Scott, with Lorenzo Benet. Landing It: My Life on and off the Ice. Pinnacle, 1999.

· Hennessy, John. Torvill and Dean. St. Martins, 1983.

· Henie, Sonja. Wings on My Feet. Prentice Hall, 1940.

· Ice Skating Institute.

· International Skating Union.

· Korte, Don. Figure Skater's Website.

· Lopez, Marsha. "Does Figure Skating Exploit Females?" American Skating World, August 1995: 25.

· Lund, Mark, with Rebecca Patrick Lois Elfman. Frozen Assets: The New Order of Figure Skating. Ashton International Media, 2002.

· Milton, Steve. Skate Talk: Figure Skating in the Words of the Stars. Firefly Books, 1997.

· Money, Keith. John Curry. Alfred A. Knopf, 1978.

· Newsgroup.

· Newsgroup.

· Rounds, Kate. "Ice Follies: Reflections on a Sport out of Whack." Ms. Magazine, May/June 1994: 26-33.

· Ryan, Joan. Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters. Doubleday, 1995.

· Skatabase: A Free Reference Site for Figure Skating Results.

· Skate Canada.

· Smith, Beverley. Figure Skating: A Celebration. McClelland and Stewart, 1994.

· Smith, Beverley. A Year in Figure Skating. Dan Diamond, ed. McClelland and Stewart, 1996.

· Steere, Michael. Scott Hamilton: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Life and Competitive Times of America's Favorite Figure Skater: An Unauthorized Biography. St. Martins, 1985.

· Strait, Raymond, and Leif Henie. Queen of Ice, Queen of Shadows: The Unsuspected Life of Sonja Henie. Stein and Day, 1985.

· Torvill, Jayne, and Christopher Dean with John Man. Torvill and Dean: The Autobiography of Ice Dancing's Greatest Stars. Carol Publishing Group, 1996.

· United States Figure Skating Association.

· Whedon, Julia. The Fine Art of Ice Skating: An Illustrated History and Portfolio of Stars. Harry N. Abrams, 1988.

· Wilkes, Debbi, and Greg Cable. Ice Time: A Portrait of Figure Skating. Prentice Hall Canada, 1994.


· Blades on Ice.

· International Figure Skating.

· Patinage Magazine.

· Skating. Official publication of the United States Figure Skating Association.

· Spotlight on Skating.

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