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Psychology -- Autobiographical Remembering

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is memory.


Six Superlative Sources

· Conway, M.A. (ed). (1997). Recovered memories and false memories. Oxford University Press.

· Langer, L.L. (1991). Holocaust testimonies: The ruins of memory. Yale University Press.

· Neisser, U., and Fivush, R. (eds). (1994). The remembering self. Cambridge University Press.

· Neisser, U., and Winograd, E. (eds). (1988). Remembering reconsidered: Ecological and traditional approaches to the study of memory. Cambridge University Press.

· Rubin, D.C. (ed). (1986). Autobiographical memory. Cambridge University Press.

· Rubin, D.C. (ed). (1996). Remembering our past: Studies in autobiographical memory. Cambridge University Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Barclay, C.R., and Wellman, H.M. (1986). Accuracies and inaccuracies in autobiographical memories. Journal of Memory and Language, 25, 93-103.

· Bartlett, F.C. (1932). Remembering: A study in experimental and social psychology. Cambridge University Press.

· Bruner, J. (1990). Acts of meaning. Harvard University Press.

· Crovitz, H.F., and Schiffman, H. (1974). Frequency of episodic memories as a function of age. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 4, 517-518.

· D'Andrade, R. (1990). Some propositions about the relation between culture and human cognition. In J.W. Stigler, R.A. Shweder, and H. Gilbert (eds), Cultural psychology: Remembering in natural contexts, 258-268. Freeman. (originally published in 1962).

· Davies, G.M., and Logie, R.H. (eds). (1993). Memory in everyday life. North-Holland.

· Eakin, P.J. (1985). Fictions in autobiography: Studies in the art of self-invention. Princeton University Press.

· Gibbs, J.C. (1979). The meaning of ecologically oriented inquiry in contemporary psychology. American Psychologies, 34(2), 127-140.

· Lakoff, G. (1986). Women, fire and dangerous things: What categories reveal about the mind. University of Chicago Press.

· Linde, C. (1987). Explanatory systems in oral life stories. In D. Holland and N. Quinn (eds), Cultural models in language and thought, 343-366. Cambridge University Press.

· Middleton, D., and Edwards, D. (eds). (1990). Collective remembering. Sage Publications.

· Miller, P.J., Potts, R., Fung, H., Hoogstra, L., and Mintz, J. (1990). Narrative practices and the social construction of self in childhood. American Ethologist, 97, 292-311.

· Neisser, U. (1981). John Dean's memory: A case study. Cognition, 9, 1-22.

· Neisser, U. (1982). Memory observed: Remembering in natural contexts. Freeman.

· Robinson, J. (1976). Sampling autobiographical memory. Cognitive Psychology, 8, 578-595.

· Spence, D.P. (1982). Narrative truth and historical truth: Meaning and interpretation in psychoanalysis. Norton.

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