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Peck, Gregory (1916-2003)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is American actor Gregory Peck.


Six Superlative Sources

· Conversation with Gregory Peck. A. Cecelia Peck, producer. Barbara Kopple, director. Biographical Video. Turner Classic Movies, 1999. 97 mins.

· Fishgall, Gary. Gregory Peck: A Biography. Scribners, 2002.

· Freedland, Michael. Gregory Peck. William Morrow, 1980.

· Griggs, John. The Films of Gregory Peck. Citadel, 1984.

· Molyneaux, Gerard. Gregory Peck: A Bio-Bibliography. Greenwood Press, 1995.

· Thomas, Tony. Gregory Peck. Pyramid Press, 1977.

Other Excellent Sources


· Gregory Peck Current Month TV Schedule. TVNow. This site provides dates and time for television screenings of Peck's films.

· Lang, Jeff. Gregory Peck Online. This site is useful for finding Peck's films and basic biographical material and for connecting to Peck interest groups.

-- BOOKS --

· Alexander, Ian, and Douglas Pye, editors. Book of the Westerns. Continuum, 1995. Academic writers associated with Movie Magazine analyze various westerns, including Peck and Jennifer Jones in Duel in the Sun.

· Biskind, Peter. Seeing Is Believing. Pantheon, 1983. Looks at Peck as image of the corporate man in Twelve O'Clock High.

· Bowers, Ronald. The Selznick Players. A.S. Barnes, 1976. Includes credits for Peck's theatre, film, voice-over performances and his film productions.

· Buscombe, Edward. BFI Companion to the Western. Atheneum, 1988. Provides critical synopses of Peck's cowboy roles.

· Daniell, John. Ava Gardner. St. Martin's, 1982. Discusses Peck's appearances in three films with one of his favorite actors.

· Davis, Ronald. The Glamour Factory: Inside Hollywood's Big Studio System. Southern Methodist University, 1993. Employs stories about Peck's films.

· Erens, Patricia. The Jew in American Cinema. Indiana University Press, 1986. Examines Gentleman's Agreement and The Boys from Brazil.

· Farber, Stephen, and Marc Green. Hollywood on the Couch: A Candid Look at the Love Affair between Psychiatrists and Moviemakers. William Morrow, 1993. Spellbound and Twelve O'Clock High undergo analysis.

· Fenin, George N., and William K. Everson. The Western. Penquin, 1977. Surveys the genre including some Peck westerns.

· Grant, Barry Keith. Planks of Reason: Essays on the Horror Film. Scarecrow, 1984. Includes Spellbound and The Omen.

· Haver, Ronald. David O. Selznick's Hollywood. Knopf, 1980. Looks at Peck's interaction with Selznick during three productions.

· Jackson, Kathy Merloch. Images of Children in American Film. Scarecrow, 1986. Views The Yearling, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Omen.

· Lawrence, Frank. "Death in the Matinee: The Film Endings of Hemingway's Fiction." A Moving Picture Feast: The Filmgoer's Hemingway. Charles Oliver, ed. Praeger, 1989. Considers two Peck movies of Hemingway fiction.

· Munn, Michael. Gregory Peck. ISIS, 1999. Offers biography of Peck in large print.

· Pirie, David. Anatomy of the Movies. Macmillan, 1981. Includes the box-office takes of some Peck films generally and by genre.

· Sheinbaum, Stanley K., and Frank Pierson, compilers. A Nation Lost and Found: 1936 America Remembered by Ordinary and Extraordinary People. Tallfellow Press, 2002. Peck recalls being twenty, a student, and worker.

· Spoto, Donald. The Art of Alfred Hitchcock. Hopkinson and Blake, 1976. Critques Spellbound and The Paradine Case.

· Tuska, Jon. The American West in Film: Critical Approaches to the Western. Greenwood Press, 1985. Looks at Peck's westerns, especially The Gunfighter.

-- VIDEO --

· The American Film Institute Salute to Gregory Peck (also known as AFI Salutes Gregory Peck). Biographical Video. AFI Productions, 1989. 71 mins.

· Gregory Peck: His Own Man. Gene Feldman, producer. MPI Home Video, 1990. 60 Mins.

· Fearful Symmetry: The Making of To Kill a Mockingbird. Universal Studios Home Video, 1998. 90 mins.

-- AUDIO --

· The Bible, The New Testament. Gregory Peck, narrator. R. Schuller Ministries. 1984. Also available from Audio Literature. Twelve cassettes.

· Copland: Rodeo. Aaron Copland, composer. Zubin Mehta, Neville Marriner, et al., conductors. Gregory Peck, performer. Polygram Recordings, 1996. Two compact discs.

· Harry S. Truman: A Journey to Independence. Paul Werth, writer. Gregory Peck and Martin Landau, narrators. Soundex Audio Publishing, 1995. Four cassettes.

· Lincoln: The Prairie Years. Carl Sandburg, writer. Gregory Peck, narrator. National Recording, 1949. One cassette.

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