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Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is composer J.S. Bach.


Six Superlative Sources

· American Bach Society. Bach Perspectives. 5 vols. University of Nebraska Press, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999 (vols. 1-4); University of Illinois Press, 2002 (vol. 5).

· Boyd, Malcolm. Bach, 3rd ed. Oxford University Press, 2000.

· David, Hans T., and Arthur Mendel. The New Bach Reader: A Life of Johann Sebastian Bach in Letters and Documents. Revised and enlarged by Christoph Wolff. W.W. Norton, 1998.

· Melamed, Daniel R., and Michael Marissen. An Introduction to Bach Studies. Oxford University Press, 1998.

· Tomita, Yo. Bach Bibliography.

· Wolff, Christoph. Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician. W.W. Norton, 2000.

Other Excellent Sources

· Boyd, Malcolm, ed. Oxford Composer Companions: J.S. Bach. Oxford University Press, 1999.

· Butt, John, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Bach. Cambridge University Press, 1997.

· Chafe, Eric. Tonal Allegory in the Vocal Music of J.S. Bach. University of California Press, 1991.

· Chafe, Eric. Analyzing Bach Cantatas. Oxford University Press, 2000.

· Dreyfus, Laurence. Bach and the Patterns of Invention. Harvard University Press, 1996.

· Franklin, Don O., ed. Bach Studies. Cambridge University Press, 1989.

· Marshall, Robert L. The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach: The Sources, the Style, the Significance. Schirmer Books, 1989.

· Melamed, Daniel R., ed. Bach Studies 2. Cambridge University Press, 1995.

· Schulenberg, David. The Keyboard Music of J.S. Bach. Schirmer Books, 1992.

· Stauffer, George, and Ernest May. J.S. Bach as Organist: His Instruments, Music, and Performance Practices. Indiana University Press, 1986.

· Unger, Melvin P. Handbook to Bach's Sacred Cantata Texts: An Interlinear Translation with Reference Guide to Biblical Quotations and Allusions. Scarecrow Press, 1996.

· Williams, Peter. The Organ Music of J.S. Bach, 3 vols. Cambridge University Press, 1980-84.

· Wolff, Christoph. Bach: Essays on His Life and Music. Harvard University Press, 1991.

· Wolff, Christoph, ed. The World of the Bach Cantatas: Johann Sebastian Bach's Early Sacred Cantatas. W.W. Norton, 1997.

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