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Aickman, Robert (1914-1981)

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is author Robert Aickman.


Six Superlative Sources

· Briggs, Scott D. "Robert Aickman: Sojourns into the Unknown." STUDIES IN WEIRD FICTION 12 (1993): 7-12.

· Clute, John. "Robert Aickman, 1914-1981." STROKES: ESSAYS AND REVIEWS, 1966-1986. Serconia, 1988, pp. 133-45.

· Crawford, Gary William. "The Poetics of the Unconscious: The 'Strange Stories' of Robert Aickman." DISCOVERING MODERN HORROR FICTION II. Starmont House, 1988, pp. 43-50.

· Crawford, Gary William. "Robert Aickman: A Bibliography." FANTASY COMMENTATOR 9.2 (1997): 143-48.

· Dalby, Richard. "The 'Strange' World of Robert Aickman." BOOK AND MAGAZINE COLLECTOR 190 (Jan. 2000): 50-62.

· Robert Aickman: An Appreciation.

Other Excellent Sources

· Ashley, Mike. "The Strange World of Robert Aickman: A Retrospective." HORRORSTRUCK 2.2 (1988): 33-36.

· Crawford, Gary William. "Love and Death in the Tales of Robert Aickman." NYCTALOPS 18 (1983): 51-53.

· Crawford, Gary William. "Robert Aickman: Notes for a Biography." FANTASY COMMENTATOR 5.4 (1986): 225-27, 257.

· Dirda, Michael. "Crossing into Darkness: Robert Aickman's 'Strange Stories.'" WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD, 11 Dec. 1988: 9.

· Joshi, S.T. THE MODERN WEIRD TALE. McFarland, 2001.

· Morris, Christine Pasanen. "The Female 'Outsider' in the Short Fiction of Robert Aickman." NYCTALOPS 18 (1983): 55-58.

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