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Building Aerodynamics and Wind Engineering

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is aerodynamic forces.


Six Superlative Sources

· Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows, Kaimal and Finnigan, Oxford Press (1994).

· Atmospheric Turbulence: Models and Methods for Engineering Applications, Panofsky and Dutton, Wiley Interscience (1984).

· An Introduction to Boundary Layer Meteorology, Stull, Kluwer (1988).

· A First Course in Turbulence, Tennekes and Lumley, MIT Press (1972).

· Engineering Meteorology, Plate (Editor), Elsevier (1982).

· Wind Effects on Structures: Fundamentals and Applications to Design, Simiu and Scanlan, Wiley Interscience (1996).

Other Excellent Sources

· Effects of free-stream turbulence on surface pressure fluctuations in a separation bubble, Saathoff and Melbourne, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (1997) v. 337, pp. 1-24.

· Analysis of Atmospheric Wind and Pressures on a Low-Rise Building, Hajj, Jordan and Tieleman, Journal of Fluids and Structures (1998) v. 12, pp. 537-547.

· The effect of incident turbulence on the surface pressures of surface-mounted prisms, Tieleman and Akins, Journal of Fluid and Structures (1996), v. 10, pp. 367-393.

· Advances in our understanding of vortex dynamics in bluff body wakes, C.H.K. Williamson, J. of Wind Eng. and Industrial Aerodynamics (1997), v. 69-71, pp. 3-32. See also Ann. Review of Fluid Mechanics (1996), v. 28, p. 477.

· Past, Present and Future of CWE: the view from 1999, Murakami and Mochida, Proc. of the 10th Int. Conf. on Wind Engineering, Copenhagen Denmark, 21-24 June 1999, Balkema, Rotterdam, ISBN 90 5809 059 0.

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